The Perfect Guy


             Is the perfect guy just a dream or myth?  I think I might have found the perfect guy for me. 

             I'm writing all this because I was thinking about him one day and thinking about all the things I want in a guy...and it's unbelieveable, but he has EVERYTHING, every little thing I want on my guy wish list, even down to the minor details and specifics.  It's almost like if someone asked my EXACT preferences for a guy and that they'd custom make him and deliver him to me and I'd have to say what I wanted.  Even his height, build, and he's multi-lingual, down to what kind of color/type of car he likes.  I found out his favorite car is my favorite dream car that I had on a screensavor 3 years ago.  It's uncanny.

             I could probably write a list of like 50 things that are my preferences in a guy or something and he'd check off on all of them.  Crazy coincidence or my manifesting is working???

             Everything from hobbies, religion, politics, interests, life goals, saving/spending habits, sex, careers, types of food, family, pets, travel etc. etc. is exactly what I'd want a guy to have.  I know I'm a control freak but I didn't expect to find a guy tailored and custom made for me.  We spent alot of time talking yet I know we won't run out of things to say because he seems to fit all the areas.  And I know he is not telling me stuff I want to hear because he wouldn't know what the correct answers would be.

             It's just going great and I'm really happy!!!  He really likes me and we get along great.  He is talking LTR and maybe the M-word down the road.  I know that lifetime commitment scares me, but if he eases me into it slowly I think I will be ok.  So maybe a year or two down the road I might be hitched.  Who knows!

             I know I've been hoping, dreaming, and praying for years and years...maybe it's finally happening and my perfect dream guy just arrived not too long ago.






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