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Tropical Island Fantasy


                This was so unlike the city I came from, such wide open spaces and remarkable scenery.  Peace.  That was what I came here for; to get away for a few days, but deep down I knew it was for more than that.  I’m here for my lover, all wrong for me as a boyfriend and as a potential mate, but he was like Godiva and pure sin wrapped into one delicious package.  Guilt flashed across my face for a few seconds, was I purely using him to indulge in my fantasies?  Yes, but he knew it too, and it’s not like he professed to love me. 

                Damnit, I was still chasing love, oh elusive love.  But in the meantime, lust felt pretty darn good.

                I focused on my driving of the little red economy rental I’d picked up.  The cabin was about 45 minutes away from Hilo airport and it was so nice to smell the clean fresh air blowing through the windows with a hint of rain.  Lush green landscape filled with mature local trees, overgrown grass, wild orchids, and hibiscus greeted me on both sides of the lone country road. 

                Next to me, he was fidgeting with the radio and chattering on about the latest books he’d read and his week.  I was listening while soaking in his presence, happy that I could be here for a few days, appreciating nature, and thinking about getting him out of his clothes.  I didn’t get a kiss at the airport, because he hadn’t seen me in 6 weeks and he was shy.  I could have pushed him if I’d really wanted one, but I might not be able to stop at one kiss.  You wouldn’t believe it if I told you.  With his skill in bed, you’d have thought he was a player or a seducer but this was a shy modest nerdy guy.  What a contradiction and an absolute gem to find!  I’m too possessive and have no time for womanizers.

                Pulling into the long driveway of a summer cabin a friend lent us for a few days, I appreciated the generosity.   The cabin sitting at the end of the lot was a cozy one bedroom with an outdoor lava rock shower on an acre of land.  No close neighbors to hear the excited noises I’d be making, it was perfect.  He got out of the car and started unloading several days worth of groceries we’d bought in town so we wouldn’t have to worry about food or drinks.  All the attention in the next few days would be centered on me; I can never get enough of that kind of undivided attention. 

                “Come inside.  Hey, hey, hey.   It’s starting to rain, come on.”  He was trying to tug me inside, but I was trying to get a good deep kiss and I’d held onto his bony ass.  Yup, he was bony and skinny but big where it counts.  He’d often accused me of having a gutter mind, and I admit it.  I can’t believe I think about sex more than he does, that is so wrong. 

                I finally released him.  He chuckled softly.  He doesn’t believe he’s that desirable or sexy or that I want him.  How could I not?  I can’t wait to show him and rain kisses all over his body, or let him do the same to me. 

                As he turned to go inside, I couldn’t resist slapping him on the ass.  Seeing that surprise look on his face was adorable.  “Hey, I’ll get you back for that.”  In my mind I thought, 'yeah sure, you wouldn't dare.'  He'd said that I was the captain of the ship and he was my first mate, and how we were a team.  I definitely like that.  Most macho guys would try to rule my life, but he's not like that.


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