Submissive of My Heart


               I look up at the hook attached to the ceiling in the room that I said I wanted as my dungeon, my playroom.  He spent the entire afternoon putting that up there and securing it and making sure that it was strong enough, and reinforced to stay put. 

              "Get in here."  I called out.  "Drop to your knees and crawl.  Yes, like that."   It's best to test it out and string him up, and have him yank at his bonds all he wants.  I could never get bored of watching a naked slave crawling around before me... 

              I pulled out my bundled of thick coarse rope and tied his hands tightly together.  I was too short to stick the end of the rope into the hook on the ceiling so I got a stool and stood on that and strung him up before walking to the other side of the wall and tying the rope into that hook there.  I pull it tight and taunt, the soles of his feet were off the ground yet he wasn't exactly on tiptoes either.  Nice!

              My sandals clicked on the wooden floor as I walked around to inspect my property.  He was nice and muscular, and I squeezed an ass cheek.  I ran my hands on his side before pinching a nipple.  I'm going to have both of those pierced later this week.  It would be nice to be able to hang little weights on them. 

              I pulled out the roll of duct tape.  His eyes were large and round as he watched my every move, not knowing what would happen.  I told him I wouldn't tell him.  He'd have to just go through it.  He was game, and I really like that about him and know that he can handle whatever I was going to do.

              Cutting a strip, I slapped that on his nipple because he has some hair around his tits.  I did the same for the other one, then I yanked them out.  I could see the grimace on his face, but no noise yet.  I smile.  I walked to the back, and seeing the hair on his ass crack I spread those cheeks and put a strip on each side...then I yanked it out again.  Now for the fun part, I came back to the front and said, "Hmmm, you're looking good and getting nice and smooth."  I think he kind of knew what was coming from my wicked smile.

             I cut two pieces of tape and stuck a strip on each ball.  I laughed at his expression.  Well, they were a bit hairy.  What's a girl to do?

             I pulled really fast and watched his face.  His mouth opened but I'd yanked the tape off too fast for him to even scream.  His eyes watered. Poor thing.  I still have to do the other one.  I pushed his chin up to close his mouth for him before kissing his lips.  "Shhsss..." I whispered in his ear. "One more time, I'm going to do it fast."  I yanked.  I think he handled this one better, knowing what to expect.  He dropped his head down and breathe deeply, probably from relief. 

            Well I'm not done playing yet.  And he is my toy and my property.  It's so nice to be holding all the cards.  But my favorite thing to hold are a guy's balls in the palms of my hand.   I caressed them and weighed them in my hands, before telling him to open his mouth.  I put a clean sock in his mouth and told him to bite on it.  His eyes told me that he was scared of what's coming but I felt his excitement as well.  His muscles on his body was ripe with tension, but a large organ bobbed in front of me. 

               I closed my hands around his balls, applying ever increasing amounts of pressure slowly watching his face and eyes...  I squeezed and knead them roughly like marbles in my hands as tears run down his face.  He did pull on those ropes.  After a bit of that, I relaxed my hands and caressed them lightly again.  I took the sock out of his mouth as I leaned in close to whisper in his ear, "Tell me who those belong to?"  I gave his neck a few light kisses and nibbles.

             "You, Mistress.  They belong to you." He whispered looking straight into my eyes.

             "Louder.  I can't hear you."  I gave it another squeeze.  "My balls belong to you Mistress.  Please have mercy."  He spoke clearly and precisely. 

              I smiled.  "Good boy! I know I own those, so I can do whatever I want with them."  He gulped.  "Yes, Mistress." 

              His hardon was thick, hard, and throbbing.  I gave it a squeeze before pushing it back against his stomach and taping it to his stomach so that it's out of the way.  I told him to spread his legs at least a foot apart.  Ah perfect!  I could see his dangling balls as I pulled out a wooden ruler.  Yes, I'm going to spank those balls with my ruler.  Oh don't feel too sorry for him.  He's still rock hard, and the last time I saw him masturbating he was squeezing them a bit himself so I know he likes it rough.  "Slap slap slap slap..." of the ruler on each ball.  He was biting his lips.  "Please Mistress..."

             "Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve...Fifteen." I stopped.  I leaned in to french kiss him, tasting him and catching a drop of blood from where he bit his lip. "Shhhsss, it's ok.  You're doing good."  Kissing him on the cheek, I said "I'll be right back."  I left the room to bring in a tray of tools.  Really sharp objects like thumb tacks, needles, knives of various sizes.  His eyes widened in horror when he saw them.  I set the tray down on a table and walked up to him.  He gulped and looked at me.  "I trust you Mistress.  I know that you wouldn't hurt me."

             "It's going to be ok.  Remember how we talked about trust in this relationship.  What we have in such a short amount of time some couples don't even have in years of being together."

              "I know.  I believe you, Mistress."  I put my hand over his heart, and leaned in to kiss him lightly on the lips.  "Thank you."  I whispered.

              What I'm about to do is called knifeplay or edge play.  And it takes a tremendous amount of trust, faith, and belief in your Domme to make sure that she knows what she's doing. 

              I took the pocket knife from the tray and opened it.  "DO NOT MOVE.  Don't even tremble, flinch, or twitch.  That way you won't be cut.  And hold your breath.  I'm going to go over your skin lightly.  If you need to sneeze, fart, twitch, or move and you feel that you can't control it, then yell TIMEOUT.  Clear?"

              "Yes Mistress."  He held still.  I scraped the knife over his shoulder and arm, a safe place to start.  He didn't move even a muscle.  I was really proud of him.  After that arm was done I stopped.  "Breathe."  I said.

              He breathed and relaxed.  I could feel the tension flow out of him.  "Now that wasn't too scary, right?"  I gave him a minute before I said, "Now hold still.  I am going to do the other arm."  I ran the knife over his other shoulder and arm as I brushed my thumb on his nipple lightly.  I felt him tremble slightly and I lifted the knife away.  "Breathe."  I said.  "Are you ok?"

              "Yes Mistress."  I put the pocket knife down on the tray.  I got a medium sized kitchen knife and went to the back of him.  "How are your legs?  You're not going to tremble or shake are you?  I'm going to do the back of your legs."

              "I'm ok Mistress."  I gave his butt a pinch with my fingers.  "That's good.  Now hold still."  I ran the edge of the knife down the back of his thigh.  It's a really scary and thrilling experience and he's taking it well.  "Ok breathe now."  I moved to do the other leg.  "Ok hold still now. Don't move."  I ran the knife down that other thigh.  Then I moved to the butt cheeks and started on that when I felt him suck in a breathe while still trying to keep still.  "Ok, we're done with knives for the day.  I'm going to use the thumb tacks now.  Don't move and try to breathe without moving. You're doing really good."

              I ran the thumb tack in a trail down the back of his thigh and I did press it against his skin but not hard enough to draw blood.  The thumb tacks you can apply more pressure to them than sewing needles (those you have to be really gentle and light and it's a bit trickier).  I ran a thumb tack trail on one of his butt cheeks.  "Are you breathing?  Ok, we're done with that.  I'm going to flog your ass now."

             "Thank you Mistress."  He said.  "For what?"  I asked. 

             "For not hurting me."  He replied.  "But you knew that I wasn't going to." I came to the front to look at him.  "But you could have."  I looked at the tip of his dick, it was dripping wet.  The tip was all shiny and he was still hard.

             "Well, I'm going to now."  I walked back behind him with the flogger.  "Whack, whack, whack...."  Light red lines started to appear on his ass, and thighs.  I kept going after a 10 second break to change floggers.  I didn't stop until his ass became bright red and he was pulling on the ropes. 

              "You did really good today.  I'm going to get you down.  Hang on."  I walked to the wall and started untying the ropes.  When I released the ropes, he slumped down on the carpet on his knees.  "Are you ok?"

               "Yes Mistress...I'm alright."  I walked over to him and helped him up and led him to the connecting bathroom on the side.  I turned on the water and made sure it was a nice warm temperature before I told him to get in.  I told him to lean his stomach against the wall because I didn't want him to lean his ass or back on it.  I took off my clothes before getting into the shower with him.  The tape holding his dick to his stomach was still there, and I pulled that off and threw that out. 

               I leaned against the wall under the shower head and pointed that warm spray towards him.  I pulled him into my arms and held him against me.  He buried his face against my neck and hair.  "I've got you baby.  You can hold me."  It's so beautiful that someone so strong and tough in the outside world would surrender himself to me.  He's got so much going for him, yet I know that he belongs to me completely and that he chose it and he's ok and happy to be mine.

              He squeezed me really tight and I felt a few tremors going through his body.  "What?"  I asked.  "What's wrong?" 

              He lifted his head up and looked at my face and whispered, "I love you" between shakes.  I held him tighter and kiss his forehead.  "I know."

              I soaped him up and washed him and then tucked him into bed to lay on his side.  I cuddled against his stomach and pulled the covers up.  I've found the one that can handle me on all levels and take whatever I dish out.  He said he's not afraid, and he's not going anywhere. 

              I know it may seem like he's just a good slave and that's all when that isn't the case.  Thinking about the dinner at his cousin's restaurant and how all his relatives and everyone seemed to love him and how they welcomed me into such a tight knit group...and how he looks at me.  He's so warm and outgoing and kind.  We can talk for hours about everything and connect on all the different levels.  He isn't just a submissive or slave. 

              Finally, I can honestly say that I don't want to trade him for any other submissive or slave.  I want to keep him for a very long time.  Who knows, he might get his wish and be permanently collared and owned. 




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