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    Free ebook online is a website with a collection of free romance stories and novels online.

  • BDSM Stories
    A bunch of free bdsm stories for your enjoyment, these are all femdom bdsm stories because it is something I am interested in exploring. Very erotic, spicy, and kinky so reader beware!

    • Spanking My Male Submissive
      This is a short story about spanking my male submissive over my knees and other femdom fun.

    • Another Useless Male Submissive
      Another useless submissive is a short story or prose about a useless submissive male that pissed me off. I wouldn't want to scene with him nor spend time with him. Some males are pathetic like that.

    • My Little Sex Toy
      This is a femdom bdsm story with lots of graphic details with a mixture of different kinks and fetishes such as T&D, nipple torture, ice, candle wax, strapon, ass play, bondage, and oral sex.

    • Serious Mistress
      A short story about a serious Mistress and her boy toy or male submissive.

    • Bend Over Boyfriend
      This is a story of my bend over boyfriend, and how he became a bend over boyfriend.

    • Nameless Sub
      This is about me thinking of another male submissive while occupied with a submissive who is meaningless to me.

    • Elusive Male Submissive
      This is my thoughts on an elusive male submissive that I met online, and how frustrating it is.

    • Dominant Couple with Slave
      Dominant Couple with slave features a scene play with a slave from UK and a male Dom and a female Domme couple.

    • Holiday Seduction
      Holiday seduction is an erotic short story about a menage a trois between a dominant couple and a slave.

    • Collared and Leashed
      Jay collared and leashed with a cock leash, and handcuffed to the bed spread out like an offering fit for a Princess.

    • Slave Guide for Submissive Men
      This is a slave guide for submissive men on how to find, and get a Mistress to notice them and interested in spending time with them. Hopefully with some advice from me, you'll be able to have that first meeting with a Mistress that you like.

    • Warm Honey
      A short story about warm honey and sex, on a delightful afternoon filled with fun and sex.

    • Bound and Gagged
      This is a story about a male submissive that's bound, gagged, and blindfolded for some kinky sex play.

    • My Submissive Boyfriend
      This is a short story about my submissive boyfriend who's like my houseboy, pet, submissive, and boyfriend all rolled into one. He's very talented and capable of many things.

    • Male Submissive Painslut
      This is a short story about a male submissive painslut who's a masochist and into extreme torture and pain.

    • Newbie Submissives Piss Me Off
      This is just some ranting about how newbie submissives piss me off because they're so confused and unsure about what they want. And some of them aren't even submissives.

    • Submissive of My Heart
      This is a short story about the submissive of my heart, my property, my slave, and my love all rolled into one. I think I've found the perfect submissive for me.

    • Submissive Houseboy
      This is a short story about my submissive houseboy, otherwise known as a domestic submissive or domestic slave. He really makes my life alot easier and pleasant to deal with.

    • Queening a Submissive
      This is a short story about femdom queening or facesitting from a male submissive.

    • Kinky Outdoor Fun
      This is a short story about camping and femdom. I think you'll enjoy this story about some kinky outdoor fun.

    • slave auction
      This is a fiction novella about a matriarch society, slave auctions, and is based around a femdom D/s theme.

    • Silver for My Submissive
      This is a short story about using silver piercings and silver dildos and other silver for my male submissive.

    • The Runaway
      This is a short story about a male runaway and how he found a place to stay and call home.

    • A good memory of Submissive ass
      This is a good memory of submissive ass and it makes me smile thinking about it.

    • Heartache Over A Male Submissive
      This is a short story about the heartache and frustrations over a male submissive and the lies. If it's so hard to find a good Domme, then why do they lie?

    • Blackmailing a coworker
      This is a short story about blackmailing a coworker and kinky office sex.

    • Come In Stranger
      This is a short bdsm story called "Come in Stranger" and it's full of wicked fun and bdsm elements.

    • Masked Slave
      This is a short story called Masked Slave, it's a fetish bdsm story with femdom aspects in it.

    • My Slave in Uniform
      This is a short bdsm story about my slave in uniform that I had for a short while.

    • Human Slave Pillow
      This is a short story about being a human slave pillow or furniture and tied up and used as an object.

    • The sub song lyrics
      These are the lyrics to the sub song, it's a song for submissives and an adaptation from "Your Song" or maybe a mockery of.

  • Hot Romance Free Story
    Fire and Heat is a free hot steaming romance story about a firefighter and his lover being reunited after 10 years apart. Finding your lost love is one of the best feelings there is.

  • Erotic Romance Story
    This is an erotic romance story that falls into the paranormal romance story genre about a vampire who falls in love with a mortal human girl.

  • Hippy Fun
    Here's a short story about teasing and arousing a hippy on a farm and there's a hippy shower scene too, all in good hippy fun.

  • Tropical Island Fantasy
    Tropical Island Fantasy is a romantic story about an island affair that didn't last too long but was absolutely pleasurable.

  • Short Interlude
    A short interlude in the middle of the week brings me a smile and breaks the weekly routine.

  • Love in Peru
    This is a short story of love in peru, my peruvian lover and the joys of love in peru.

  • Erotic Love Scene
    This is a short Erotic Love Scene I wrote for someone. Just a pure fantasy that I conjured up in my mind when I think of this person.

  • Contemporary Romance Story
    Free contemporary online romance story, a novella, for you cosmo girls out there. This is a fun modern day read with a vegas setting where the affair takes place. I know you'll enjoy it if you like contemporary romances.

  • Computers or Love
    This is a short romance story about a cute, successful, and wonderful nerdy guy.

  • Dreamscape
    A sweet dream that turns into a nightmare, this story is called "Dreamscape." I hope you enjoy Dreamscape.

  • Dream Lover
    A short romance story about a dream lover that swepts her off her feet, at least in her dream. Hey, a girl can only dream!

  • Passionate Love Poems
    Passionate love poems for lovers in love, who are deeply committed to each other and believe in forever.

    • Missing You Love Poem
      A love poem called "missing you." This is a poem you can use for someone you miss really badly who is far away from you.

    • Shadow In My Heart
      A Love poem entitled "Shadow In My Heart" is basically a poem about someone you know for just a moment and love. You can't get this person out of your mind but it was just a chance meeting for one moment that touched your heart.

    • When You Are With Me
      A love poem called "When You Are With Me" by Ibrahim, and he sent it to me. It's such a beautiful poem, I thought I would share it with you.

    • A Sad Story

    • Broken Heart Poem
      This is a sad poem about a broken heart, it is for people that are feeling grief and despair after a love relationship gone bad.

  • Personal Ponderings

    • Left my heart in puna
      This is a short story of how I left my heart in puna, on the big island of Hawaii. Puna is a large area that is on the east side of the Big Island of Hawaii.

    • My Cute Haole
      This is a story about my cute haole in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii and the wonderful memories we shared.

    • A day In My Life
      This is a day in my life, and provides a glimpse into a wonderful day in my life.

    • Another Day In My Life
      This is a look of what I envision a future day in my life would look like.

    • Qualities in My Partner
      This is a list I made on the qualities I'm looking for in a mate or life partner. The list will probably change and evolve as I grow and change but these are good qualities to have so I think they are a minimum requirement.

    • Long Distance Love
      This is my own personal ponderings about my long distance love, and how stressful and frustrating it is yet my love is still there.

    • the perfect guy
      This is my personal ponderings of a guy too perfect, do guys like that exist and what's the catch? It seems too good to be true and I guess a part of me is waiting to see if there is going to be a problem.

  • Love Letters
    I'm going to put all my letters to my love and love letters here, so that it's easier to find and doesn't clutter up my website.

    • Soul Deep Love Letter
      This is a soul deep love letter that's passionate and filled with heart wrenching emotion, to my love.

    • Love Letter 2
      This is another love letter to my love whom I have not yet met. I pray that you'll find me.

    • Love Letter 3
      This is another love letter to my soulmate whom I have not met yet, one of those dear love, love letters.

    • Love Letter 4
      Here's another love letter to my soulmate in a series of love letters that I'm writing to him.

    • Happy Valentines Day to My Love
      This is something I wrote to say Happy Valentine's Day to My Love, and that I'm sending you my love and wishes on this day.

  • Contact Me
    This is a contact me page so that in case my soulmate ever stumbles upon this website, he can reach me.


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