Silver for My Submissive


             There is one male submissive that I care about and value above all others, and what better way to show it then to adorn him in something that's close to my heart as well.  Silver!  Yes, that's right.  Silver has many properties and was regarded as a precious metal and money in the ancient times.  In medieval times, you can purchase a slave for 30 silver coins. 

             Lucky me! I got my slave for free.  I plan to use some of that precious metal to make him look more appealing to my eyes and since he's my property I am not losing anything. 

             He has wonderful nipples and I've been playing with them to make them larger.  Nice, dark, and big nipples on a sculpted and masculine chest, whose hair I've torn off.  Perfect for a pair of silver piercings, and because of silver's anti-bacterial properties it's better than using junk metal. 

             When I first brought up the idea he actually said he didn't think it was a good idea and didn't want me to waste my money.  I guess he doesn't realize that he's just as valuable to me.  He's my treasure, my property, my toy, my slave, my partner...and so much more.  Is there a price for someone like that?  How much would he be worth? 

             If I were Queen, he'd be my consort or my favorite submissive in my male harem.  Hahahaha, right.  I'm dreaming there for a minute.

             He's tied up spread eagle to the bed posts with a collar on.  The collar has a thin silver tag with "Property of Kat" on it. 

             I love playing with him on a warm spring day.  I have a silver american eagle and a silver canadian maple leaf that I like to fondle as I work, so why not fondle both with him as well?  You'll see.

             He's wondering what I'm up to as he lay there, his eyes following my movement.  I let him admire the shiny luster of the coins, but his eyes slowly swift to me watching me caress my breasts and thighs...  I smile, because it's so much fun teasing him as I pinch my nipples for his viewing pleasure. 

             I bring out the black blindfold and slip that over his head.  I rub the ridges on the edge of the silver american eagle coin across his nipples and stomach.  I flick those nipples with my fingers and pinch them.  I had two coins chilling in a cup of ice and I take both out and mash them into each nipple so that the freezing cold metal touches his skin.  I hear an intake of breath.  He doesn't say anything...he knows not to unless I am talking to him or give him permission to.

             Then I become a bit more playful by lining up the coins on top of his wide dick, it's 2 3/4 inches wide and since he is hard it balances the coins nicely.  I can fit 8 coins on top lined up without them falling off.  Awesome! 

             Since he thinks I'm being playful he doesn't anticipate what I'm about to do next.  I had wrapped the base of those balls with a silver ring earlier.  I take two coins, one under the balls and one over and mash them together like a ball coin sandwich.  He tries to move those legs or turn or scoot his butt away but I hold on tight.  He's moaning in agony now but I know he'll thank me later.  He's a painslut...  

              While he was moving around or struggling in his restraints the coins on top of his dick fell off, so I'm frowning now.  I release those balls for a minute.  "Hey, I didn't tell you to move did I?  You little bitch!!!  Are you asking for a punishment?"

              "No Mistress.  I'm sorry."  He's so cute and soft spoken with me but he's so masculine on the outside to everyone else.  I love the tone he uses with me.  And he's not submissive to anyone else.  I love that!

              "Well, you don't seem too sorry.  It's a good thing I had a blacksmith friend melt a silver bar into this big silver dildo with ridges to drill your ass."  I could feel the tension on his thigh even though he remains silent.  He's not ready to take big dildos yet since I'm still training him with 2-3 inch butt plugs.  He had a cherry ass when I met him so ass play and anal penetration is still new to him.  I weighed the silver dildo in my hands, it was pretty heavy.

              "I will accept whatever punishment you feel is best, Mistress."  He finally answered.

              "Damn right you will.  You're my slave and you're not exactly going anywhere right now.  I can do anything I want with you."  I smile my evil sadistic smile.  I hit him a few times in the balls with the silver dildo and watch the pain and agony on his face. 

              I release his legs from the restraints to the foot of the bed but I tied those restraints to the wooden post by his hands so that his legs are spread over his chest and his ass is elevated.  I slip a pillow underneath his tail bone to make it easier on his back.

              Awesome view!  I could see his balls, under his balls as I flipped them up, his ass crack and his butt hole. 

              Reaching for the condom on the nightstand, I slip that over the silver dildo and grabbed the lube to grease it all up.  I put on my latex glove and wiped lube on his asshole and squeeze some into his hole as I try to stretch it open with two fingers.  I played with him for a minute or two with two fingers, pushing it in and out slowly.  He's ok with that because I'd fingered him before.

              But here comes the hard  part, the big silver dildo is 7 inches.  I smile.  We'll see if he can handle it.  I have no doubt that HE CAN AND WILL handle it.  Why you ask?  Because I say so!  By my word and my will alone.  And he's my property so my will is his.  My order is his command.  He will obey me and no one else. 

              "So tell me slut, who does this hole belong to?"  I asks.

              "You, Mistress.  My asshole belongs to you.  My ass belongs to you.  My whole body is yours to do as you please."  He says without hesitation.

              I lean over on the side to give him a kiss on the mouth.  I like him so much and he's awesome!

              As he's distracted by my kiss I line up the silver dildo to his ass and start pushing it in.  He feels the push and moves his head away and looks at me, shaking his head.  "It's not going to fit.  I don't think I'm ready for that yet."

              I rub his forehead, and say "'s ok.  Just breathe out slowly and relax your muscles.  You're tensing up.  I'll just ease a little more of it in.  It's going in.  Just push out a little.  Yes, like that.  I gave you an enema this morning so it's ok.  You're clean.  Come on, you can take it.  A little more.  Yes, like that.  You're doing such a good job.  I'm so proud of you, did you know that?  I've never been more proud of any other sub or slave.  But you're the best.  You try the hardest and you do everything you can to please me."

              I guess I really stroked his ego because he's relaxing a bit more and it's going in easier.   He's taken 5 inches so far.  Maybe it's also because I'm stroking his cock.  I'm rubbing the underside of his cock with my thumb and then playing with the head. 

              He finally closes his eyes and moans.  I must have hit a really nice spot.  Excellent!  I continue to push in a little bit more and then start pulling out.  As I am pulling it out I squeeze more lube onto it before pushing it back in.  I love the way he moans and groans.  It's so hot!  It's all for my ears alone.   He's so shy and seems so conservative to the outside world but he's my slut.  And I have turned him into my complete slut too.

             His cock is lying on his stomach and I put his dickhead in a cup so that it can catch any cum or the milking from his prostate.  He's supposed to drink it afterwards.  I've trained him really well with drinking it already, he does it everytime if I allow him to cum at all.

             I fuck his ass harder with the dildo as his ass gets more open and accomodating.  I grab a cup of wax with the candle burning in the cup and pour the wax over his balls.  He was surprised and yells out, "Oh fuck!"  I laughed at him, because he rarely swears or cusses.

             "That's right Baby, I'm fucking your ass."  He gets incredibly harder, amazing.  He loves the pain. 

             I looked at the time on my watch, you have 7 minutes to cum or else you don't get to cum at all for the next 7 days.  I need to get going, because I have a business meeting to go to later today.  And also, I might feel like whipping you tonight if I don't see you gulping it down from the cup.

             "Yes Mistress, I understand.  I'm trying to."  I increase the speed of my stroking and leaned over to kiss him again.  It only took 5 1/2 more minutes for him to shoot into the cup.  It's nice setting the time because I can have him not cum, take longer to cum, or cum when I say I want him to cum.  It's all in my hands and his cumming is under my control. 

            "Good boy!"  I tilt the cup into his mouth and watch him swallow it in one gulp.  I start releasing him from his restraints because I really need to get going.  I'm doing all this in my black business skirt and stockings with a white cami top.  I start buttoning my blouse over it and put on my jacket.  I lean down for another quick kiss.   "I'll see you later tonight.  Clean up the mess.  Put that chastity device back on.  Don't want you to play with my toy when I'm gone.  That cock is mine!" 

            "Yes Mistress."

           "And you'll look like my perfect little slut with those silver piercings."  I smiled thinking about it.

           "Yes Mistress, if that's what you want."  He answered, wiping off the wax on his balls.  "Yes, that's what I want.  You'd look hot Baby."





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