Short Interlude




                It was Wednesday night and I’d agree to spend it with an almost stranger at a lively part of town with booming nightlife and excitement.  We’d arranged it a few days prior.  It’s just a little bondage and spanking, nothing major.  I laughed, ‘yeah right.’  That’s what I tell myself so I’d go. 

                Besides, he’s the one getting spanked, not me, and I’d have full control of the whole situation.  I should live a little, after all the love of my life is taking his sweet old time in arriving and I’m tired and alone.  I feel achy inside and empty like I’m missing my best friend, but that’s probably a hopeless romantic speaking.

                I told him to meet me a few blocks away from my place.  So I walked the few blocks to where his car was parked and in the blazing afternoon sun the strap on my shoe broke.  I was surprisingly calm despite being hot and sticky and walking with a broken shoe.  After I greeted him and got settled in the car, I took out my scissors from the duffle bag and cut the strap off and did the same to the other shoe.  No fuss, I was so proud of myself. 

                The country music was playing on the radio, got myself a country boy, I smiled.  No wonder he was carrying all my bags and opening the door and is super polite and respectful.  I know that he isn’t looking for a relationship with his busy work schedule and I don’t think I’d feel attached but I am glad I picked someone nice to spend time with. 

                We had a nice steak dinner spiced with polite conversation and small talk.  He’s a bit reserved but hey, I'm not expecting him to be boyfriend material so it’s ok.  After dinner, we went back to the room. Acqua Resort and Spa’s hotel room was nice and the bed was large and comfy.  We’d met before, but I haven’t seen his naked ass so I’m sure we were both a bit nervous getting into our D/s roles but he hid it pretty well and I took control. 

                Sure it was nice shackling him, and beating his ass.  I enjoyed it.  But I think I enjoyed the back massage more.  There’s a bit of magic to someone rubbing your back and laughing and joking about random stuff.  He really opened up during the massage and even laughed at my jokes.  I told him that his massage was so good that if I died, I’d tell them that it was his fault and I died pleasurably with a smile on my face.  It was so good that my soul separately from my body.  He laughed and said “Yeah right.  But that beats going any other way.” 

                I did not have sex with him.  I’m proud of myself for my restraint despite being lonely.  After he was asleep, I looked out at the bright city lights from the lanai and wished that I could just find the real thing and not short interludes.  Where is the one that I could play with and laugh with? 

                Bright and early at 7am, some guy in the next room over was singing at the top of his lungs, “Good morning to you.  Good morning to you” before his partner told him to go away.  I laughed and imagined blueberry pancakes in bed and hot sex in the shower.  Who knows if the girl next door was getting that kind of deal?  But hey, I can still envy her.   Damn, lucky woman!

                No, I did not get breakfast or a joint shower, not even coffee.  He forgot to carry my bags half the time that morning and didn’t get the door half the time as well.  Maybe he was in a rush or distracted with thoughts of last minute errands before the trip.  I’m not going to nitpick the little things and just take the short interlude for what it is. 

                He dropped me off and I bid him “bye and have a safe trip.”  He was leaving to the mainland the next day for a few weeks for work.  He said he’d call me when he returned but I just smiled.  It doesn’t matter.  I don’t feel anything and I don’t wish for anything with him.  I’ll take it for what it was, just a little fun and a nice break from mundane life. 

                “Thank you for the nice massage and dinner.  I’m glad your ass is not too pink.”



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