List of qualities in my partner


This is a list I made on the qualities I'm looking for in a mate or life partner.  The list will probably change and evolve as I grow and change but these are good qualities to have so I think they are a minimum requirement.  People say that if the right person comes along, even if they are the opposite of what we are looking isn't reasonable or logical.  So I don't attempt to believe that I know it all or that this list is an absolute must-have or set in stone.  I'm flexible but the following qualities are nice to see in my partner.

1. Kind and compassionate (I could never be with someone who is cruel or mean.)

2. Caring/loving

3. Pleaser/accomodating

4. Has goals/dreams  (Hopefully, those goals and dreams matches mine or at least aren't total opposite. Compatibility is important.)

5. Fit/Exercises, worksout, eats healthy (I promise I'll work on this more.)

6. Open Minded (to new ideas, beliefs, cultures, things, ethnic food, books, etc.)

7. Good communicator  (talks things out calmly or solves problems instead of running away from it, or avoiding it. No name calling, arguing or dramas.)

8. Knows how to compromise

9. Likes to travel

10. Haole  (This one is flexible but I'm more attracted to haole or white guys for some reason.)

11. Believes in CANI = Constant and never ending improvement/growth  (He likes to learn and he's smart probably falls under this category.)

12. Romantic

13. Spiritual

14. Sensitive/sentimental (Can't be with someone who's cold and distant.)


Ok, lets see how I am on that list.

1. Yes I am, but I also know how to say "no" and not let people walk all over me.  But I do like to help, and I care about certain people probably more than I should.

2. Check.  Depends on who I am with.  Some people bring out the best in me, others make me want to run.

3. Now, this one.  I would have to say my future partner is my better half in this category.  But I can be sweet, at times.

4. Yes.  Working on these goals/dreams and they will happen soon.

5. Need a bit more work on this area. I'm active but not as much as I'd like.  Plus, my family cooks way too much.

6. Yes.

7.  I can discuss things in a mature way. 

8. Sometimes. Although I expect my partner to bend more than me, but I'll make it worth the effort.

9. Yes.

10. I'm Asian.

11. Yes, I love to read and learn new things.

12. Yup!

13.  I'm working on this.  I want to be more spiritual, find inner peace, grow internally and be a better person. I like to meditate. I want to be wiser, and rise above problems and look at things in a new way and in a different light.  I want to see the good in people, bring out the best in others, attract to me the people that I want to help me grow, and be with people who stimulate me. 

14. I am. I can be.  It depends on what I see in him.

Extras!!!!  I'm fun, goofy/playful, silly at times, adventurous, I like to laugh, I value people and everything that I have, and I believe that my life is very blessed. 

My dream is for the two of us to play and laugh all day, do the work we that enjoy and love, be financially secure, live by the mountains and the ocean, be happy and thankful that we have each other, be kind to others and to ourselves, be healthy, and grow as a person and couple.

"Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible."  ---Francis of Assisi




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