Newbie Submissives Piss Me Off


              This is just some ranting about how newbie submissives piss me off because they're so confused and unsure about what they want.  And some of them aren't even submissives.  I guess I'm too nice sometimes and I want to help educate them about the lifestyle but really, it's their job to read more about the bdsm lifestyle and not for me to tell them everything.  If they can't be bothered to learn, then maybe this isn't for them.  I just don't have time to babysit everyone anymore.

              How I know they're not true submissives:

              They don't really obey and only selectively obey when they want to or feel like it. 

              They aren't really interested in the bdsm kinks, interests, and they don't like pain.  They just want to talk about it.

              They complain about how it's "unfair" that the Domme gets to spank or flog him and they want to try doing that to her.  What a joke!

              They whine and complain alot!  Especially about their role and how it's so undignified.  You're a submissive or slave.  Duh!!!

              They don't understand why I'd pick a more experienced sub or slave over them...well because the more experienced ones ask me for permission for everything, don't annoy or irritate me as much and if they do, I can punish the heck out of them, and they can handle the punishment I dish out without whining or saying safeword 5 minutes into it.  And because when I give out an "order" it is obeyed right away without question.

              And no, you may not spank me.  Or even joke about spanking me!  And no, I do NOT switch ever. 

              Hence, I am prefering more experienced submissives nowadays.  I don't have time to go through flakes and wimps, and for these supposedly curious guys to get their feet wet.  And yes, I do like someone that can handle pain.

              And if I feel like dragging a submissive around on a leash and making him crawl, then that's the way it is.  He doesn't get to choose what he likes or doesn't like or what to do or tell me what to do.  These people are just too confused about their "role."  If they don't want to be a submissive then date a normal regular girl.  I don't understand why they want to go on and on about "how they think they're a submissive and how they want to TRY it."   Maybe they need to try it somewhere else, or find a normal girl who's willing to indulge them for a time or two by playing "pretend" in thinking that they are a submissive for a night.

              If I want something, I want it NOW!  If they think I'm mean, well, go try some of the "other" Dommes who probably have even less patience than me and that don't care about such submissives.  I don't think that they'll even give some of these newbies the time of day.

              I've just been patient with people but sometimes, my patience runs low.  In the future, if someone tells me they are a NEWBIE, I will not talk to them or deal with them. 

              Thank God for whipping boys and houseboys!!!  They are the best and know how to deal with me.  They are soothing and easy going. 


Update 12/29/10

             Someone said that I'm difficult to deal with.  It's true, because most subs/slaves irritate and annoy me and I'd prefer not to see them or talk to them.  Well, I made a list of some of the reasons why I don't want to play with them or see them or even talk to them anymore.

             1.  Rudeness (assumptions, presumptuous, high expectations)

             2.  Talks on and on about his fetishes/kinks/fantasies nonstop.  Always ask me "So what are you going to do to me?"  If I'm going to do something to you, I'll do it.  I don't want to rehash it everyday and tell you in every little detail, because what fun is that if I'm going to tell you the whole thing.   And you have to be interesting and have a personality, because subs/slaves are dime a dozen and if that's the only thing you want to talk about is bdsm, I'll get bored real fast.

             3.  Too pushy.  If I tell you I'll meet you for coffee or if I say I'll play with you for a few hours, then thats what I'll do.  But don't book something for an entire weekend and then book something for another week and expect me to be there too or try to guilt me into it.  Wanting too much/too fast falls under this category too.  Don't call me several times a day and text me 50-60 text messages a day and all of them about BDSM.  What happened to, "How was your day?"   This dude just annoyed the heck out of me fast.

             4.  Arrogance.   You're a sub/slave remember?  I'm sure whichever Goddess you like will love your superior attitude.  Oh yeah, and talk bad about and bash every Domme that you've ever had.  They're all dumber than a box of rocks (his words) anyways, so the new Domme might not think that sometime in the future you'll be talking about her in "exactly" the same way. 

             5.  Being 45 minutes late.  I hate waiting (unless your name is Lee, then forget it.)

             6.  Topping from the bottom

             7.  Being a total stick in the mud boring...  If our conversation sounds like a job interview then I don't know if I really want to spend lots of time with you.  We have to be able to have a decent conversation, nevermind stimulating (that's probably asking for too much). 

             8.  Say you'll do something but never do it.  Actions speak louder than words. 

             9.  Making me feel bad.  No thanks, I have a bad critic already-me.  I don't need you to do it.




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