My Submissive boyfriend


             I'm so incredibly lucky to have found my submissive boyfriend.  We have alot in common and he's very intelligent and stimulating to talk to, not a doormat at all.  He's a financial analyst right now, a marathon runner (yes, hot bod...), he loves to travel, read, and he wants to relocate to Hawaii to live in Kona with me.  He's a romantic and a pleaser, and perfect for me.  We like to go out together and do lots of things like hike, listen to live music, go to the beach, sip coffee at the bookstores, water ski, and have an actual relationship instead of just a D/s relationship. 

             We talked about how I want a relationship to grow on all levels and to build it into something deeper, and it seems like that's what he wants too.  It's kind of scary how in sync we are, like I would talk about something or describe it and he would continue on with what I was saying and elaborate on it.  The only thing is, if I do decide to collar him permanently, he wants to be my ONLY submissive or slave.  We'll see how it goes.

             We discussed our perfect day, and his perfect day is surprisingly close to what I have in mind as well.  You know what they say about how great minds think alike.  That's so true indeed!!!

             It starts out on a trip to the Carribeans or somewhere nice.  He likes to take care of the arrangements, I just have to let him know the specifics of what I want.  I agree that he could run as many miles as he wants to every day, I have no problems with that.  Since I like to sleep in until 9am or so, Murphy wakes up early and goes for a run.   After he gets back and showers...he runs a steaming hot bath for me because by the time he wakes me up the temperature would be just right.

             He crawls into bed, and instead of alarms...he's my alarm clock.  Soft hands massages me, and opens my thighs slowly.  I feel his hands on all the sensitive areas, and a warm tongue that laps me up.  I begin to stir as he lays wet kisses all over my body before continuing to lick my moist heat.  I wake up with a smile on my face and head to the hotel's bathtub already filled with water just right, bubbles, and bath soap. 

             He scrubs my back and massages my neck as I lean back into his hands.  I let out a content sigh...  I glance over to see a slight grimace on his face, and looking down at the chastity device on him I can guess why.  It's a sacrifice, but he voluntarily suggested it before I did.  But since I like to play with him, he doesn't have to suffer long stretches of being under lock and key since I let him out often enough.  He really anticipates my needs and moods, when I first met him I was shocked by how intuitive he is and what a damn fine salesman. 

             As I step out of the bathtub, he fetches a warm towel that he put in the dryer for a minute or so because I told him that it feels so good to have a warm fluffy towel.  See, smart man.  I get dressed and put on a strapon as he sets a small bowl of fruit salad, a glass of orange juice, and a piece of blueberry waffle on the table for me.  While I'm eating breakfast, Murphy is on his knees sucking on my strapon still nude except for his collar/leash and chastity device.

              When I'm done eating, he clears away the bowl and plate and goes to wash it in the sink.  He already knows what's coming and I think his legs quiver a little.  He hasn't had alot of experience with ass play but I'm gentle with him.  I tell him to lean over the sink, bend over a bit, and spread his ass cheeks for me.  He obeys like a good little boy.

               I smile at his obedience and at his ass all spread out like that.  He has really nice firm cheeks, and his legs are nice too.  Hey, I can appreciate all that running.  According to him, he's my treat.  And yes, he is.  I lube him up and push some lube into his ass before smoothing that gooey lube all over the stap on.  The dildo on the strap on is a medium thin one because I wanted to break him in gently. 

                I tell him to put his hands on the side of the sink and to hold on.  I grab his hips and position the strapon at his entrance and start pushing slowly.  I can feel him sucking in a deep breath and tensing up, so I tell him to try and relax.  I play with a nipple with one hand as I hold still the 2-3 inches that I have pushed inside of him.  I turn his head around to kiss me as I start pushing more inches of the dildo inside.   It's so hot to be kissing him as I slowly fuck him.  There's no way to describe the heady rush of adrenline of having my bitch, my submissive, my boyfriend...and to take him like that.  He moans like a slut despite tiny winces of pain occasionally. 

                "Faster, please fuck me faster Mistress."  He cries out.  "Pound my ass."

                 I laugh.  "So you like it huh?"  Hang on, I said.  I twist off the key to his chastity device from my bracelet and remove it.  I really like touching him and stroking him at the same time. 

                 "Yes, Mistress.  Thank you."

                  I begin a faster pace, and pound his ass harder.  "Like that?  Tell me who owns you?  And tell me who you belong to.  Who owns your ass?"

                  "You do.  You own my ass, Mistress.  And my heart, my mind, and my body."  

                  "Damn right I do.  I own your ass.  And you better remember it too."  And I bit down on his shoulder, I can't help myself.  I like leaving a few teeth marks here and there.  My mark on my property, sounds about right and fitting too.

                  I grip his cock tighter in my hands as I feel him start to buck.  "Wait, hold on, you didn't ask permission yet."  I push the dildo all the way inside him as I grip his cock by the base and suck on his neck.  Just a tiny hickey.  I love marking my submissive/slave.  It's really sexy to see that bit of redness peaking out from his collar when we go out.

                 "May I cum please?  Please Mistress."   He begged in a deep and low sexy boyish voice.

                 "Ah, yes.  I don't see why not since you're so good today."  I grinned, well he is.  He's been really sweet. 

                 No, he doesn't wait on me hand and foot everyday since he goes to work early but he does on the weekends or when he gets home early to surprise me by answering the door nude and kneels to remove my shoes.  Or when he thinks I've had a bad day or am stressful, I see flowers waiting for me and a naked submissive holding his leash to hand off to me. 

                 No, he's not just a submissive since we go out and act like a normal couple outside.  But he's my submissive when the doors are closed.   Or if we're at a nude beach.  I walk him around in a collar and leash in my bikini.  Some people look and stare but they don't say anything. 

                   After he cums, I let him slump over the sink for a few minutes to rest.  I'm taking off the strapon to toss in the sink as I run hot water over it.  I tell him to wash it when he gets his legs in order.  I lounge on the couch and enjoy the view of the hotel suite.  Bored, I channel surf and flip through channels to see if there is anything on.  I find a french romantic comedy and after 15 minutes or so, he crawls over on the carpet.

                   He puts his head on my lap and I play with his hair.  I also feed him grapes and he eats it off my hand.  I feed him cherries and tell him to spit the seed in the napkin.  "Here, have a strawberry."

                   "Thank you, Mistress."  I smile thinking how in his workplace he wears power suits and how at home, he's my little submissive.  I hold up a glass of green tea, as he drinks from it.  I like feeding him, it's fun.

                   We discuss how he's liking his work at the Kona office, the activities we have planned for the trip, my work, and all the things I want to do to him.  Actually, today he told me that he can lick me underwater for several minutes and I laughed and said, "Yeah sure."  He said he'd prove it to me.  We walk down the beach hand in hand, and he tells me how he wants to retire in 15 years and we talk about investment allocations.  We discuss some of the latest books we've read, and make bets on the sailboat race.

                   He won.  So I buy him lunch and watch him eat his sandwich at a little cafe on the corner of the beach resort area.  I smile at him, the wickedness must have shone in my eyes because he wiped his mouth and said, "What?"

                   "I have some plans for this afternoon."  I whisper as I leaned closer.  He glanced around, and leaned in and kissed me deep, catching me off guard.  "Oh yeah?  What are those plans, my almighty Queen of MY Universe."

                   "Come here and I'll tell you..." I whispered.  And those plans included him ditching his boxers, a remote vibrator, and him trying to find me in a tourist market by whether the vibrations were "higher" meaning I'm closer...or "weaker" meaning I'm further away.  It was a pretty fun day. No wonder we both slept like children that night, with me curled up in his arms. 

                   No he doesn't sleep on the floor or in a cage, although I do have a cage in the walk in closet in our place in Kona for punishment time.  For all intent and purposes, he sleeps next to me, with me, and I love it, because he's not just a submissive or slave.  He's MY submissive and my other half.  And I know that he doesn't serve me because I'm just a Domme.  One of his first words to me were, "I have to serve a woman that I can trust and respect."  Hopefully I'm that woman, and he's here to stay.




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