Missing You

This is a love poem I wrote.  You can use it for someone whom you miss badly and if he/she is away from you.  The title is missing you and I hope you like it. This poem is dedicated to Ibrahim as well (whom I've only known for a few days back in 2006). 


Missng You

Each song that Teoman sings

Pulls at the strings of my heart

Like a guitar, it is no longer my own

The emotions I feel are like waves

Crashing on the rocks, a perfect storm

Violent and fierce is my missing of you


There’s no way to measure how much

I can only tell you this, so much

Will this scare you? To know the truth

The depth of my feelings may be too much

A heavy burden to bear, shall I lie instead?


Forget me, and scatter the petals of the tulips

In the streets and let them fly free

Tear up the flowers you’ve never given

Because I am a distant figure, nothing more

I am missing you, with each word I write

A million words would not be enough






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