Masked Slave


              A body brushed past me in a crowded room, and with the loud music and sea of bodies I shouldn't have even noticed him except for that familiar scent and the static energy of his fingers on my wrist for a brief second.

           "Wait!"  I reached out to grab the sleeve of his black cloak, staring into familiar eyes and that leather mask I recognize.

           He stilled and stood in front of me and nodded his head in acknowledgement.  "Mistress."  He whispered and held his breath.

           "Slave."  I whispered back.  "I've missed you."  We stare at each other for a minute, neither saying a word.  "Come with me.   You won't escape me this time.  Let's go upstairs."

           "Mistress, I don't think...."  He began hesitantly, eyes darting to mine before looking away. 

           "Don't think!  Just follow me."  Without waiting for an answering, I dragged him by the arm and led the way through the crowd.  I had rented a hotel room above this ballroom party, thinking I'd spend the night exhausted from dancing and drinks, alone.  I didn't expect to see the one person that could make my heart flutter.  Should I tell him that none of them matter?  None that can hold me.  I can fly to anywhere in the world the next day and it wouldn't matter.  Countless play sessions, but all meaningless as they interlap in my mind and the subs and slaves become interchangeable. 

           As the ding of the elevator sounded, I quickly ushered my captive into my hotel room and pushed him into a kneeling position on the floor.  "Stay there and don't you dare to move without permission."  I picked up my gym bag with all my toys and dug around for my chains and rope to secure him.  My heart beat faster, as I wonder if he would stay secured...

          Time stands still as I tie him spread eagle to the bed posts, his eyes searing my flesh with their intensity.  I wanted to tell him I hate you and not to haunt me, but I can't.  I'm stuck in limbo between dreaming and awake.  How can anyone measure up to a dream?

          I cut away his clothing with scissors and strip down to just my black teddy with white lace.  As I straddle his chest, I slap him hard a few times in the face.  I am mad at him.  How dare he come visit me and leave?   

          "Mistress, would you take the mask off me and yours?"  He didn't even struggle against those chains, he laid there almost defeated and sad.

          "NO!!!  Tonight you are just a number."  I dared him to contradict. 

          "Why do you do this to yourself?  Just let me go and forget me."  He pleaded.  I knew he didn't want that, he just didn't want me to hurt. 

          "This is why I can't forget."  I lightly traced my fingertips on his brand of 'K' on his hip.  I looked lovingly at the tattoo of chains around his right ankle with the lock in the middle and 'Kat' in the center of the lock.  I played with the left silver nipple ring I made him get for me.  "I OWN you, you're mine. I don't understand why we can't be together."  It wasn't just the physcial symbols of ownership, I own his heart and mind as well.  I don't think any Domme should settle.

          My eyes traveled down his body until I am looking at his chastity belt and my hands cup his swollen balls.  "How long has it been?"

          "Five months and 17 days since I haven't seen you or have been released."  He said with a pained sigh. 

          I gasped.  "Has it really been that long?  And you didn't cut the lock?"

          "No, I told you that I am yours whether we are together or not.  And it's not that I don't want to stay, I'd sell my soul to if they'd let me." 

          "Don't say that."  I dig my heels into his thighs and trail fingernail marks down his arms.  I pulled out the whip and laid it on the bed.  I released his legs and re-secured him so that his wrists are chained to a single bedpost and he's standing upright.  "I don't want to hurt you everytime I see you but I can't help it.  It's tearing me up inside."

           "I understand, Mistress.  Hit me.  Hurt me.  Do whatever you want or need to do.  I will take it, for you...only for you Mistress Kat." 

            The first crack of the whip touches him just beneath the shoulder blades.  "Count to 25.  And that's one."

            "Two."  As he lets out a hiss.  I don't break skin or I try not to, but I know he'll be fine either way.  "Three.... Four....  Five."

            I continue until I'd given him 25 lashes and one extra for good measure when he starts struggling against those chains and letting out louder hisses.  My arms got tired and I flung the whip onto the bed and just sat down at the edge.  It hurt less after hurting him.  I stared down at the carpet, at my pedicured toes that are well massaged and sucked by others.  I sighed, and threw my shoe at him aiming for the balls.

            "Mistress, what is it?  Please be happy."  He begged.

            "I want to carve my name on you with this blade."  I pulled out a folded pocket knife and flashed the blade in the light. 

            "If that's what you want.  Do it." 

            "It'll help.  I don't know why I'm so possesive of you."  I have not inked or marked any of my other slaves or subs.  I decided that his arm was a good spot to put it.  He looked away as I cut my name onto his arm and dabbed at the thin line of blood that dripped.  I tied up that wound with bandages after I poured rubbing alchohol on it and cleaned it despite him telling me I didn't have to do that. 

             I unlocked his chastity belt and decided to let him out for an hour.  "You get an hour to air out and to feel my hands on you, for taking my pain." 

             "Thank you Mistress."

             I caressed him.  I put lotion on him.  I rubbed him with my toes as I lounged back on his chest.  He tried to hold me despite chains on his wrists, but I turned away.  "Don't."

             After that hour of gentle playing was up, I put him back in chastity and closed the lock, listening to it click and snap shut.  I wore the small keys on my silver necklace, dangling between my breasts.  I saw him look at them.

             "Before you go, I want you to do one more thing for me."  He opened his mouth to reply, but I put my hand over his mouth.  "Don't say anything about that.  It doesn't matter what you say, you're always gone before I wake."

              "Yes Mistress, what would you like?"  He answered as I lifted my hand.

              "Wait here."  I went to the bathroom and came back out with a small cup, with golden liquid inside.  I haven't done this before with anyone, but I knew that he would be willing to do whatever I wanted.  And knowing that I can do anything or get away with anything with him makes me happy.  I love the power and control I have around him.

              He eyed the cup and looked up at me.   "Is that what you want Mistress?"

              "Yes, I want you to drink it.  Then I'll give you a glass of wine or beer to chase it down and get rid of the taste."

              "Ok Mistress, I'm ready."  He replied.  I tilted the glass back and watched him gulp it down in one sip.  I poured wine into the glass and tilted the glass's contents into his mouth, this time watching him take a second sip.

              "Thank you Mistress."  I released him from his chains.  Then I got into bed and laid down, exhausted.  I rubbed my forehead and eyes.

              He laid next to me and I could feel a foot of space between us.  He didn't speak but I could feel him thinking.  I understood.  "Don't worry, I'll be fine.  I always am."  I just have to lock my heart away like he has himself locked away in chastity.  I just have to not feel.

              I refused to open my eyes when the sun's rays started intruding.  My arms stretched out and felt nothing but air and empty cold bedding on my side.  I knew he wouldn't be there when I opened my eyes and I was right.





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