Long Distance Love


               If you have ever experienced a long distance love, then you'll know what I'm talking about.  Have you ever loved someone so much that you can't seem to forget them?  Or have you ever been in a long distance relationship, and you love this person so much that sometimes you wish you could forget them because it's so painful, stressful, and frustrating?

               Things I wish I could experience right now:

Sit outside on the lanai or porch and pet the gray kitten and listen to the rain and talk to him with my feet on his lap. 

Watch him drink coffee as he makes that "Hmmm..." sound and the smile that spreads across his face.

Slow dance with him in the kitchen or in the driveway...to us humming a tune.

Create puzzles and love poems, and have enough to leave behind so that he can read at least one of them a day.

Drive around the island, with him as my impromptu tour guide and playing tourist.

Put my arms around him, my chin on his shoulder and let out a content sigh...

Play chef in the kitchen with him as my assistant and taste tester.

Hear him tell me how much he misses me, or at least subtle clues like when he moves to sit closer to me on the couch.

Have him chase me around at the beach or in the water, and holding me when he catches me.

Listen to the sound of his voice, and smile at his fidgeting and all that exta energy he has bouncing off the wall.

Lounge around as he reads me Rumi poems, and bookmarketing the ones I like.

Stealing a bite of his dessert, and feeding the rest of it to him.


               Geez, I guess I'm a hopeless romantic.  I wonder if there's a cure for this.  I can't even tell him that I miss him A GAZZILLION times because I don't want the both of us to suffer the pains of a long distance relationship right now.  I will probably go there soon, when I can't stand it anymore. 

                Please God, let me see him again soon and I'll be good.  I'll even do my own dishes for an ENTIRE DAY.  :-) 




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