Left My Heart in Puna           


                 It's true, it's official.  I've left my heart in Puna on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

                 When I fall asleep, I can still smell the salty sea air and see the trees lining both sides of the highway.  I like the wide open spaces and how spread out the houses are.  I like the privacy and the peaceful setting.  I like the tropical fruits at the farmer's market.  I like the cabins and cottages that makes me feel like I've always on vacation.  I like the laid back lifestyle, and how it's not as hectic as Honolulu.

                 Or maybe I'm lying...those reasons are good and logical and valid but maybe there's more.  Maybe I'm missing someone there.  There's a full moon harvest pow wow and a rainbow gathering full of "green" types of people on Oahu but I still feel like I'm in the city and playing pretend.  I'm ready to get out of Oahu.  Not sure where I'll go but I want to stop at Puna first and see if appeals to me as much as it did the times that I was there.  My friend said that the reason I hate Oahu so much is because I live downtown, smack in the middle of traffic congestion and noise and people everywhere.  Maybe, but north shore is still not quiet enough for me. I mean the beach parking lots, the surf shops, and the cafes are packed on the weekend since everyone's trying to get away to the other side of the island for some "country" and downtime too.

                I don't know if I'm a punatic but I have been considering buying some land there and building my own cabin or small cottage with a nice big yard for my dog and maybe a few chickens and a goat.  It'll be a sustainable place that is off grid, I'll get solar/wind energy and have my own rain water catchment system, and a veggie garden.  As long as I have Internet, I can still do my work.  I just need to stop taking consulting clients and small business clients.  Then I need to automate my work. 

                I've been talking to him alot more than I used to last year.  I don't know if this is good or bad for me, because it makes me want to leave Oahu.  No, I haven't asked him if he is with someone.  I guess I'm in denial and maybe I don't want to know or to hear about it.  At the same time I don't really care, because I'm not plotting to get back with him or to seduce him or anything like that.  I just want to have lunch with him, and take him to the Kona side and visit one of those nice cafes on the side of the road and drive around the island.  I think he's been stressed and I just want to spoil him for a bit.  I might even offer to massage his neck or something.  I know that is so unlike me, giving someone a massage since I'm usually the one getting them.  But for some reason, he brings out my nurturing/caring side.  I dreamt of holding him, no not seducing him...just maybe cuddling and holding him and being so thankful that I can be there.  I really value each moment I am there.

                I wonder how the VOG is there and I'm a bit concerned about the rising crime and burglaries in the area.  There are alot of problems in Puna, but there are some good things too.  It's beautiful, and the climate is great.  It's probably one of the cheapest places to live in Hawaii.  There's alot of fresh produce on the Big Island.  When there isn't VOG, the air is the cleanest and freshest and you can't smell the gas exhaust from cars.  There's no traffic and no hectic rush to get to places.  It may be a bit hard to find jobs there, in Pahoa town or in Hilo but if you work from home or are self employed then it may not be a problem.

                It's late so I'll probably go to sleep and dream about getting away to Puna again.  I promised myself that I will probably go to Hilo, and eat in Pahoa town especially at Luquin's again.  I want to go in April after meeting a few of my short term goals. 





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