Kinky Outdoor Fun


              "No I don't think you should invite the relatives along this time, because I have something private planned for us.  Just tell them that we need some alone time.  I'm sure they'll understand." 

                "Yes, Sweety.  I won't invite them.  What if my Mom wants to come?"  He asked.  I giggled.  "Well, we definitely can't bring her along.  Just make up some excuse."  There are intrusions sometimes, but I've learned to make sure we get time alone.  Otherwise I'd feel neglected and grouchy and take it out on him.  It puts stress on the relationship when we're both too busy for each other and we talked about it and agree to more couple time.

                I stood in front of him with my hand down his gym shorts to palm the chastity device I made him wear, and to feel those smooth hairless balls in my hands.   I made him shave or else I'd remove the hairs more painfully. 

                 I'm pretty used to getting my way.  I expect him to cater to me and to give me 'exactly' what I want.  He's my submissive, my property, and so much more.  The difference between me and the other Dommes is that I do care and I do listen, and he's not disposable.  We're both very happy together, just what the other person needs.  

                It's awesome to be Queen!!!!  I can't believe there aren't more women doing it. 

                I demanded that he spend more time with me and I'm getting it.  He's taking some time off from work to go camping with me.

                Camping, nature, wilderness, deep clean air, and peacefulness mixed in with some kinky outdoor fun in a secluded spot.  Sounds good to me! 

                He's setting up the tent right now in the national forest in CA.  We pick a pretty secluded spot far away from the usual campers and didn't see any cars nearby.  While he's doing that, I'm sitting on a tree stump and cutting all the bark off the branches I've found and making the ends really sharp with my bowie knife.  I like making sharp things and it's something to keep me busy. 

                I use thin hemp rope to tie the end together of all the branches after I line them up, sort of like a miniature fence with the sharp points facing down.  I'm definitely going to enjoy using that later. 

                "Hey, nice work.  I guess you better get the fire going and cooking up something.  I'm hungry."  I was munching on a piece of beef jerky and admiring my property.  Hey, admiring such nice looking property takes up a lot of energy you know, especially with all those wicked thoughts I have going in my head.   "Hey my studly slave, come here.  Let me switch the weights on your balls to something a little heavier."

                He walks towards me.  "Yes, Mistress."  I pull open the waistband of his shorts and underneath the chastity device was the ball stretcher. I took the small weights off and put those in my bag and took out the larger ones and attached them to the sides of his balls hooking it to the stretcher.  Much better!

                "Go, get back to it."  Turning away from him I set up the solar shower bag, hung it up on a branch above my head. 

                Dinner was awesome, the only guy that grills me steaks when we're out camping instead of eating hot dogs or canned corn.  After we rested and put everything away I told him to stand next to that tree where I was at earlier.  "Yes, strip down now."

                "Yes, Mistress."  He threw his tshirt and shorts into the tent opening and awaited further instructions. 

                I took the key to his chastity device that hung on my necklace and released him.  "Hug the tree.  Put your arms around it."  I walked behind him and took his cock and pushed it down between his legs so it was pointed down and the front of it scraped on the bark.  Then I walked to the other side of the tree and started tying his wrists together with rope.

               In case you're worried about him in case of an emergency in the forest or if he's tied up and something happens to me, don't worry.  I had a custom thick arm band made of paracord that holds a knife sheath inside that I'd given to him and made him wear for situations like this.  I tied his wrists together but he could move his hand and reach for the handle of the knife if there's an emergency and cut the ropes free. 

               I love him! I would never jeopardize him.  Also, he's wearing hiking boots and socks and an ankle holster which holds a Baretta 9mm.  He's naked but not defenseless.

               He knows better to than to break free without my permission though, unless in an emergency.  If I have my fun spoiled, I tend to pout and take it out on his ass. 

               I bet the tree bark feels awesome.  I stuffed his mouth with a ball gag and tied it in the back of his head.  No noise.

               I nibble on the back of his neck, and give him a few kisses on the neck while I palm those nice ass cheeks.  "Spread your legs.  Yes, like that. Keep those legs spread." 

               Pulling out my soft leather flogger from my bag I started flogging his ass, making sure that occasionally some of the strands of my flogger hit his cock and balls hanging between his legs.  When I had enough of that, I put it back in the bag and took out my sling shot.  One of my friends was a master sling shot and bought me one of those things for fun. 

              I stood a few feet back of him and aimed my sling shot with the small rock at his dick hanging between his legs.  Fired and missed.  I tried again.  Score!  Hit him in the balls.  I loaded up another small rock and tried again, it hit the middle of his dick.  Nice shot!  I did miss a few times.  All in all it was fun.  He makes a good target. 

              You were probably wondering what I'd do with the miniature stick fence with the sharp ends...  Well, I like how sensitive the back of his thighs and leg are and since he's hugging the tree I get to do whatever I want to his backside.  I decided to rake that down the back of his thighs leaving faint pink lines down his leg.  No blood and I didn't break the skin.  It was nice seeing the light streaks though. 

              Then I lined up those branches to his dick that's hanging down between his legs, the front of it was against the tree bark.  I pressed the points lightly against his dick and watched his eyes widen.  I held it steady...   "Sheesh, baby it's fine."  I whispered against his ear.  I took the sharp pokey branches off his dick and took one of my feet off my sandal to step on his dick and massage it with my feet against the tree.  I watched his eyes close in relief at how soft and nice my feet feels.

              "Well baby, I like how you're dripping precum and hard as a rock.  I'm going to cut you down and rinse that dick off with warm water to wash off the dirt and bark.  Then I want you to go in the tent and lie on your back.  I want to go for a nice long ride.  Capisce?"

              I untied the ball gag and started untyping the rope around his wrists.  "Yes, Mistress."

              Stepping into the tent I notice him lying in the middle, on top of the sleeping bag for cushion and holding his dick up with one hand waiting for me.  He had his knees up because I like to straddle him and lean back on his legs.  I straddled his waist and lowered myself unto that rock hard erection and rode it late into the night.  We kissed and played with each other...and made love. 

              I'd occasionally reach back and squeeze those balls and ask him who they belong to.  "You, Mistress.  They're your toys."

              You could say that I'm pretty happy with my property.



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