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           “Everyone did a great job yesterday fighting that fire.  The person that deserved the most recognition is the newest member of our Team, Jamie Whitman.  She saved the little boy Jake’s life.”


            The guys clapped and welcomed her to the Team.  They seem to like her and told her she had guts, and they were glad to have her on board.  Jamie was happy to hear that, this was her dream job and she was glad to have a chance to make a difference in people's lives.


            “I have another announcement to make.  Jamie and I have known each other in the past. In fact, we grew up together.” 


            All the firefighters waited and Liz peered curiously through the doorway.


            “Jamie, I know about Luke.  I know everything about what happened.”   Ted paused to watch her reaction, fearing that she'd bolt before he finished.


            Jamie was shocked, she didn't know what to say and she couldn't move. Just then Jamie spotted Liz standing by the door and thought she must have told him.  Liz had promised to keep those secrets for her.  Jamie didn’t know what Ted’s reaction would be now that he knew.


            “You are the most courageous woman I know and absolutely wonderful.  I am sorry I ever doubted you or assumed the worst of you.  Please forgive me and marry me.  I want to spend the rest of my life protecting you and keeping you safe, be it a fire or another person.”


            Jamie was stunned.  She hadn’t expected this.


            “Will you marry me?”  Ted was getting all choked up and he could feel his eyes getting watery.  He'd hate to have the guys see this, but at the moment he didn't care.  In fact, he didn't care about anything at all except to hear her answer.


            There wasn't anything else she could say.  She love Ted, she had always loved him.  “Yes!  Yes, of course.” Jamie cried.


            “I’ve always loved you Jamie.”  His voice was thick with emotion and eyes bright with love for her.


            “Me too.  I love you Ted.”


            She ran into Ted’s arms and never looked back.  There were only going to be better days ahead, however bumpy, she would have Ted beside her for life.  They'd finally be together and be a family. 

                                                                                                              (The End)



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