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            She could feel Ted's angry eyes burning into her face but she avoided looking at him for a few minutes to take some deep breaths to calm herself down.


            “Don’t you dare disobey me again.  Do you understand me there, Whitman?  Or I will personally see to it that you never get another firefighting job again in the State of Virginia.  You not only compromised your own safety, but also risked putting other firefighter’s lives in jeopardy if the others went in after you.  You didn’t check to see if the structure was stable or listen to my orders to stay put.” 


 Ted was furious and looked about to kill her himself since the fire hadn’t done her in. 


            Jamie looked at Ted glaring at her and stood firm because she was happy the little boy was safe.  Saving someone’s life, that’s all that matters isn’t it?  Besides the old Ted she knew had more bark than bite.  She wondered about this new Ted who was a total stranger to her, what kind of person has he grown up to be?


“Well, I saved the boy didn’t I?  And no one got hurt right?” She argued back.


            Her shoulders were aching and her back was starting to hurt like hell.  The other firefighters were packing up and the trucks were leaving the area.  Spectators slowly left as the action came to a halt.  She got on one of the fire trucks and watched as Ted jumped on the same truck. 


            She was right.  Secretly he was proud of her.  What she did today took courage and he had never seen another woman who was willing to put herself at risk to save another.  No wonder he had loved her years ago.


He was silent for only a moment and looked madder than ever as he stared at the burns on her back.  “It’s starting to get swollen.  You need to get that taken care of immediately.” Ted said, “as a matter of fact, I’d drive you home.”




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