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             Then suddenly Jamie spotted a figure lying on top of the staircase.  He was not moving.  Jamie ran up the stairs as the fire burned the railings and wrapped a blanket around the boy who looked to be around seven years old.  He reminded her of Sam.  Please God, let him be all right.  She checked his breathing.  He was unconscious but he was still breathing if a bit slow.  Oh, thank God. She let out a sigh.


             She tried to carry him downstairs and duck the flames and falling pieces of ember at the same time.  The railing collapsed, and then in the middle of the stairs she felt the wood underneath her feet start to give due to their combined weight.  She hugged the boy to her chest and fell a few feet to the ground.  Just before she hit the ground she spotted Ted coming towards her.


            Ted’s heart raced watching Jamie hit the ground with the little boy in her arms.  He was scared like never before in his whole firefighting career.  He ran to her just as a beam fell on her back.  The little boy was under Jamie’s protection so he knew the kid wasn’t the one in danger.  He tried to push the burning beam off her back and it took a few minutes before he finally got it off.  Then Ted grabbed her arms and dragged her out of there with lightning speed.


            Paramedics took the little boy off her hands and said he would be fine.  Another paramedic was checking the burn marks on her back as some parts of the outer layers of her uniform were burnt off and exposing first degree burns. 


“I’m fine,” she told the paramedic when he advised her to go with him to the clinic to get checked out. 


            The fire was put out fifteen minutes later.  The boy and his older brother along with another family member were rushed off to the State Hospital.


            A paramedic was trying to look at Ted’s hands that sustained the same type of burn marks as those on her back as he too send them off with, “It’s nothing, just a few minor burns.”  The paramedic shrugged but held Ted's wrists still so he could finish bandaging it up.  The crowd started to get thinner as the paramedics left and fightfighters started clearing the area.



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