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            The next round of fire trucks was heading out as Jamie got on the back of one.  A crowd gathered around on the street corner and watched in horror as a two-story house went up in flames.  There was smoke everywhere and the firefighters were hosing the fire down and trying to keep it under control.  Ted was busy barking out orders and seeing to the welfare of one injured victim and yelling for an ambulance. 


            “Hey, get back here. Where the heck do you think you are going?”

Ted yelled at a teenage boy that was trying to rush into the burning house.  Ted ran and took hold of the boy’s arms and held him back. 


            “Please, let me go.  I can’t find my younger brother Jake.  I think he’s still in there.”  The boy cried frantically with tears streaming down his ashen face. 


 He fought Ted’s strong hold and kicked his legs trying to break free. 


“Let go of me.” The boy fought viciously.


            Then suddenly a high pitch scream pierced through the night.  A young boy’s cries for help silenced the talking crowd and froze some firefighters.  The kid sounded like he was in serious pain.  Jamie’s maternal instincts took over and the long hours of training she had kicked in automatically.  She tugged on even more protective gear and sprayed a chemical on herself to help protect against flames and rushed in without thinking of a plan. 


            “Jamie, get back here.  The house is unstable, the top floor and roof could collapse on you any second now.” Ted cursed under his breath.


“Whitman, do you hear me?  I said to get out now.  It’s not safe.” 


Ted swore under his breath and yelled but got no answer.


“I’m going in.” He told the guys. He handed the boy over to them for safe keeping.


After issuing more orders for additional hoses and for the guys to spray towards the front top windows he got the protective gear on himself and ran in after her.  As much as she had hurt him in the past, he didn’t want her killed.


            Jamie quickly assessed the situation and the interior of the house trying to locate the boy.  But he was silent, which is a bad sign.  She knew she had to act fast before it was too late.  Please God, help me find him and have mercy she prayed. 




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