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          After everyone found out she was pregnant, she knew he would never love her again nor talk to her.  It wasn’t what he thought and she felt so alone.  Finally, with no one to turn to and when the family pressure became too much she married Luke and moved away with him.  Her little boy Sam was her only joy and consolation.  She had never loved Luke and when he passed away in a car accident it was only natural for her to return to her family in Milton.  There was no life insurance and they had little savings.


She had worked hard to get her college degree, went to firefighter school, and got her certification even when it was difficult caring for Sam and working part-time.  Jamie decided she can’t let him bully her around because Sam depended on her solely for financial support and she needed this job.


            Look, I don’t want to argue with you.  Can’t we just put aside our personal history and just work together?”  Jamie pleaded with him, hoping he would see reason.  She’d work here whether he liked it or not, but he would no doubt make it a living hell for her.


            “I happen to TRUST every single one of my men in a life and death situation.  I don’t know if I can say the same for you.”  Ted narrowed his eyes at her, trying to see if this is the same girl he knew.  She was no girl alright, but a grown woman with all the curves in the right places.  Damn, his body still wanted her.


            She opened her mouth to respond.  But before she could say another word the siren blasted her out of her thoughts. 


Ted was already tugging on his firefighter’s jacket and grabbed his helmet off the shelf.  He looked at her impatiently.  He reluctantly decided to give her a chance, at long as she stayed out of the way…


            Fine, here’s your opportunity.  Now get a move on-go see John, he’ll get you everything you need.”  With that, Ted hopped onto the back of a fire truck and was gone.


Jamie scrambled to find the locker room and yelled frantically for “John.”  She had no idea what he looked like and didn’t care.  She needed to get to the scene of the fire NOW. 


            John, a chubby firefighter in his early fifties with thinning and graying hair, hurried to toss her the firefighter uniform, two sizes too big but she just tugged it on and decided to worry about clothing size later.  There was a more urgent matter she had to concentrate on.  Getting to the scene to help fight the fire and to try to save someone’s life, that will prove to Ted that I am more than qualified for the job.  He couldn’t possibly justify holding her back because of past personal history or could he?


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