Holiday Seduction

Disclaimer:  This is just a story.  It's not real.  And no, I don't like Dom guys.  If at anytime you think I appear less than Domme in the story, then it's probably just the story.  The only reason I let Richard put me in handcuffs in this story is because if he's Dom and he was in handcuffs and he lets me do it to him, then I guess I can handle that on rare occasions.  But it doesn't make me sub or less Domme, or maybe I'm justifying but whatever, it's just a story.

                     "What do you want this christmas?" Richard had asked me a week earlier.  I replied without hesitation, "You and Jay naked under my tree with a red ribbon tied around your cocks."  I laughed at the image.  I didn't think they'd carry it out so you can imagine my surprise having come home from a party to find two very naked males with colorful ribbons and bows lying on the carpet by the tree.

                    I stood there gaping, as the sight of me caused the ribbon to slowly stretch as they slowly thickened in front of me.

                    The background music continued to play softly, "Have a holly jolly christmas..."  Watching them lying there like that I couldn't help dropping all my bags on the floor and bending over to get a quick lick.  I licked one first, and then the other in turn.

                    Jay and Richard struggled slightly, handcuffed to the tree, their legs rubbing over each others.  Don't ask me how they managed to handcuff each other to the tree.  I'll leave that bit of mystery for next year.

                    As I grabbed the champagne bottle nearby I poured a glass, took a few gulps before pouring a little on Richard's chest watching the drops pool there.  I lapped up each drop with my tongue, tracing little circles around his nipple before looking up to grin at him.  "Hmmm, what should I do with the two of you?  Should I be a bad girl and leave you both handcuffed like that?  Tempting idea."

                    Richard looks down as the champagne drips off his broad, powerful chest, his thick, white cock starting to throb up and down..."just think about how we will return the favour once we get out of these cuffs,'" he says, half smiling at me.

                    Jay blushed as he looked at Richard's mammoth dick, the veins throbbing clearly along the shaft as he lies back and watches her taunting us.

                    I giggled. "Oh baby.  What?  Velvet handcuffs for me?  And what would you do to me then?  You're not going to be so excited that you'll break the headboard on the bed again, right?"  I teased.

                   "You'll find out before this night is over, trust me," Richard says, his legs opening slightly as the sight of me causes the huge tip of his cock to go slightly pink.

                   I rub and stroke the head of the two cocks in front of me, bending down to lick one then the other.

                  Jay looks between Richard and I, struggling against his handcuffs, and blush slightly as his own cock throbs up and down...Jay arches his hip as his body rubs next to Richard's, both looking down as I lick each of their penises in turn.  Jay rubs his leg up and down against Richard's as their bodies writhe.  Jay turns on his side as he tries to hook his leg on Richard's hip like the slut that he is.

                 "Get away from me, you fucking whore," Richard says under his breath to Jay....Jay turns slightly pale and moves away slightly, his dick still fully erect and wobbly as he looks from Richard's massive penis to my tight clothes, my breasts bulging heavily in my blouse.

                  I laughed, "Yes, that he is indeed."  I rub my hands up and down Richard's chest as I leaned in to kiss him.  "Happy holidays, darling," I said as I released him from his handcuffs.  Not even a bit surprised that I'd release him, Richard brings his body up and wraps his arms around me, kissing my mouth softly as his big hands slide under my skirt from behind, riding it up and cupping both ass cheeks with his big palms.

                 Jay look hopefully at me, even as I ignore him completely and climb on top of Richard....Jay clears his throat nervously. "M - ma'am? I...i would be honoured if you could...."

                 "What, slut?  Did I say you can speak? Well then...shut the fuck up." I glared at him before turning back to continue kissing Richard, sliding my hands all over him and stroking him as he kisses down my neck.

                Richard throws a look of disgust at Jay without adding to my comment, before kissing me back...without warning, he rolls over so he is now on top of me, holding my wrists high up over my head as his thick cock rubs against my thighs, my skirt already hitched up over my hips. 

                "Oh damn...oh baby, yeah..." I moaned in between kisses, unsuspecting of his devious plan, I parted my legs wantonly hoping to entice him to put his massive hands on my pussy to flame that fire.   I wiggled my legs against his, trying to get more fiction.

                Jay watched, feeling ashamed at his arousal as your two bodies writhe you wriggle your body against Richard's a sudden 'click' makes you freeze, as Richard sits up, having cuffed you to the tree with velvet handcuffs.

                "Oh hey, what?!"  I looked up eyes wide with shock.  I didn't really believe he would do it.  I had called him chicken, but that was my mistake.  He would never take my taunts and not get even.

                Jay gasped, watching Richard as he sits back, kneeling between your legs and smiling down at you. "Baby well done," Jay says, trying to curry favour with him. "I knew you would get the better of if you let me out, I'll help you do whatever you want to her...."

                My eyes turn stormy as I look over and glare daggers at Jay, "Is this your idea slut?  You wait till I punish you..."

               "Why-you can't punish me," Jay says, his voice trembling slightly as he mentally reassure himself that I'm restrained. "Richard will look after me...isn't that right, Richard...?" Jay asks, as Richard looks down at Jay and moves closer, kneeling at his side now. 

               My pussy is all puffy and in need of attention as the rubbing against Richard had turned me on, and I pulled on my handcuffs, "Hey sweetie, you're not going to just leave me like this, are you?"  I asked saucily, pretty confident that I'd be out in minutes.

              Jay pulls slightly at his retsraints, his eyes widening as he feels the joy of Richard moving in to release him. "Don't you worry baby, I'm going to give you both exactly what you both deserve," Richard says, sitting up on his knees as he looks down at Jay.... 

             "And just what exactly is that?"  I look over at him and frown slightly...

             Jay smiles shyly at richard, adjusting himself so Richard can reach over his head to undo his cuffs....When suddenly Jay gasp in shock and lie back down as Jay feels him empy his bladder on him, Richard's piss spraying over his face and body as Jay close my eyes and tries to shake it away.

             I laughed with evil glee.  "Ah good one.  I bet he wasn't expecting that."

             Jay feels some of Richard's warm urine seep into his mouth as Richard directs his dick at Jay's face, smiling down at him..."This is all you deserve, you little piece of chicken," he says, as Jay cringes in humiliation, trying desperately not to betray his secret arousal. 

             I leaned back comfortably to watch the show but I made sure to lift my legs so that my skirt rode up and Richard could see my blue thong when he looks my way.

            Richard turns to smile at me, and takes a second, longer glance as he catches sight of my thong...."Well, now that I'm ready, maybe I should show you what you've been deserving all this time," he says, turning away from Jay's wet, shaking body and kneeling between my open legs again.

            I smiled seductively.  "Oh yeah, I've been a good girl this year."  I couldn't wait to see what he had planned.

            "You most certainly have," he says, his rough hands sliding up my legs again and lifting my skirt higher up over my hips to expose my tight thong...

             In the background the music plays on..."You will get a sentimental feeling when you hear, voices singing deck the halls with boughs of holly..."   I wait in anticipation, my legs shivering from his touch.

             "So much so that I really think you deserve to take part in the festivities today," he says, taking a glass of warm eggnog from next to the fireplce and bringing it to my lips.  I take a sip, still smiling at Richard I asked, "So what do you have planned?"  "Not so fast," he says, smiling as he takes the glass from my lips...moving down along my body, he roughly unzips my skirt and flings it across the room, fully exposing my thong and looking up at me, smiling smugly....slowly, he pours some of the warm eggnog over my thong, letting it seep into the thin transparent material.  "Oh you...tease."  I breathe.  Jay watches us wide-eyed.

             Jay licks his lips, urine dripping from his face as he watches Richard set the glass on the floor, his big, rough hands now sliding up along your bare legs.

             "Mmmm......." I moaned feeling his hands on my thighs, getting closer.  "Just touch me baby, " I pleaded.  "Pretty please."

             "Oh don't you worry about that," Richard says, his eyes on me as his right hand moves up in between my thighs to my thong....  "Oh yes..." I hissed as I feel his hands cup my pussy possessively. Without warning, he pulls at my thong with a sudden jerk of his hand...Jay gasp as the material tears loudly, the thong ripping clean away from me as he dangles the torn cloth in his hand.  "You really won't be needing this tonight, sweetheart," he says, throwing the soaked, ruined garment in Jay's direction, where it lands partly on his face.

              Jay being the slut that he is, tries to stick his tongue out to lick the soaked thong.  At Richard's words, I stare up at him heavy lidded with arousal, my pussy gets wetter and wetter. 

             Jay moans as he taste the damp material on his lips...turning his hips slightly, he tries to rub his cock desperately against the carpet, feeling himself get more aroused as he watch us both.   Richard sits up on his knees, towering over me as his powerful hands come down to my chest....silently and slowly, he holds my shirt and pulls it open, watching as the buttons tear off one by one and scatter on the carpet.  I writhe on the ground and pull at my handcuffs, wrapping my legs around his waist. 

             "This thick cock between your legs is going to explore you, all day and all night," he whispers, his face inches from mine as he leans over me and lets his massive dick rub between my bare legs slowly.  "I'm going to hold you to it." I whispered back.  "I want it all to myself."

            "First, you're going to make it nice, wet and slippery, so it can slide in and out of you easily and smoothly," he says, as he brings his hands down onto my bra, squeezing my breasts together in his big hands.

            "Let Jay suffer," I grinned. "Or if I'm feeling really good afterwards, I can fuck him with my strapon.  That's still better than nothing."  I said.  "I want that big cock all to myself, nice and hard with you pounding it in and out of me all night."

    " I'm ready to service you as well," Jay whines, his voice trembling slightly as he rubs his shaved legs together.    "Shut up slut!" I yelled.  Turning back to Richard, I asked, "Do you want me to suck it baby?"

    "You shut your fucking mouth before I fill it like i just did," Richard says, not even looking at Jay as he once again tears my bra open, pulling the torn strap from under my shoulders as he smiles down at me. "'re going to suck it until you feel like it's in your stomach, how do you feel about that?" he says, slowly climbing onto me.

"Delicious," I answered.  As he mounts me, straddling my stomach, the long length rubs against my abdomen and between my breasts, as Jay lie just a foot away, still struggling against his restraints.  "I'm glad we skipped dinner tonight because this thing is going to fill me up," I joked and licked my lips.

"Honey, you're about to get dinner and dessert," Richard says, smiling as he kneels with his legs on either side of my neck now, his massive, pale white cock throbbing just an inch above my mouth.  I stick my tongue out licking at the underside, trying to lift my head to get more of it.  "Closer," I murmured.  As I suck at the tip, swirling my tongue around it. 

"Ah-ah-ah," Richard says, pulling his dick away slightly...taking a glass of brandy from the shelf just above your head, he slowly pours some down onto his cock, watcing as it splashes off the shaft and lands over your face.  I lick the drops off his cock, loving the taste of cock and brandy.  Jay writhes around and stares, jealousy plain on his face.  I suck harder as Richard moans.

Jay's mouth clearly open, he lick his lips as he watches Richard lower his dick closer to my open mouth, pouring some more brandy down along his shaft as it now drips directly off it and into my mouth.  I lay there happy as a clam, glad to be drinking this holiday season from a giant straw.  I grinned up at him.

Richard looks down and cups my head in his left hand, lifting it up slightly and letting his shiny, wet cock rub down along my face as he places the empty brandy glass back up on the shelf.  I lean in to lick the whole length of it and suck it in my mouth. 

" please let me have a taste," Jay begged and begged, as he watch Richard's hips moving back and forth, his view obscured by Richard's body.

I squeezed my legs together, aroused and pussy dripping wet as I continued to suck Richard deeply.  I could only take a portion of it in deep, Richard grips the bottom half in his hand as I sucked and flicked my tongue against the head.  But I was getting impatient.

"Fuck me baby.  NOW!!!  And make Jay jealous."  I said after sucking it hard one last time.

And that's when the lights went out.  And the music stopped....  We stilled for a minute, but needlessly to say, I got exactly the fast and ferocious fucking that I asked for complete with deep thrusting.  Poor Jay was neglected with his blue balls all throughout the night as he lays there listening to the sounds of our bodies joining.  I don't think any of us got any sleep, thankfully it's the holidays and there is no work the next few days.



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