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              “Please, Kat.” He said.

              I snapped out of it.  “What?” I asked, startled out of my ponderings.  He deliberately dropped the remaining pebbles from his hands.  Game over.  “Enough playing, just do what you want with me.”

              I laughed.  “I can’t believe you gave up.”  He shook his head, “We both knew the outcome.”

              “I don’t know if I should say you’re a smart man or if I should comment on your defeatist attitude.”  I said.

              “I don’t have a defeatist attitude.  But we both know you’d win this game.  And I don’t want to waste time.  I just want you.”  He got up and pulled me into his arms.

              “Well, since you put it so nicely.  Come on.  Let me bathe you.”  I led him to the back of the house where the lava rock shower was.  I had spent all morning grounding and pounding all types of herbs into a paste.  Not exactly sure what I was doing but hey, they pour all kinds of herbal crap on people at the Spas right?  I mean, it couldn’t hurt.

              Mint paste, lemongrass paste, aloe paste, coconut oil, and seaweed all in wooden bowls lined up nicely on a tray.    He raised both eyebrows at me.  “Isn’t that overkill?” He asked.

              “I came prepared.  You’ll be all refreshed and yummy smelling and so delicious.”  I smiled.  “All natural and organic, you can’t exactly complain.”

              “Man, if you’re going to put all that stuff on me, you better join me.”  He started pulling off my bra and skirt and tugging me into the shower stall.  He grabbed handfuls of various stuff and wiped it on my chest.

              “Hey, hey, hey, buster.  What are you doing?”  I protested.

              “I thought that if I’m going to do this, I’d prefer you to rub it in with your breasts and body.”  He waggled his eyebrows at me like a bad boy. 

              “Geez, you’re so bad.  I didn’t know you had it in you.  My big bad nerd huh?”  I grinned.  “Not so much a hippy, are you?”

              We ended up getting that stuff all over ourselves and kissed long and passionately under the warm spray of water.  It was really nice just basking in each other’s arms.  He licked my ear and kissed my neck, and left a tiny hickey where my hair would cover it.  He knew I didn’t like to get hickeys to wear back to work. 

              As we lay on my comforter, he propped up on one elbow, “Come back sooner.  Or better yet, stay.”  He looked over at me, waiting for my answer.

              “Shhhhs,” I said.  I leaned in to kiss him, to try to make him forget I was leaving again.  “We should try that other outcome from the game now.  You said you learned that humming and finger technique from the oral sex ebook, right?  Well, let’s put it to good use and practice on me.”  I laughed at him.  “Unless you’re chicken?”

              He showed me late into the night, my moans were much louder and drowned out the sounds of the coqui frogs I was proud to say.  I fell alseep curled up next to him, as his arm tightened around me, holding me close.







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