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              “Hold still or you’ll lose.  Don’t talk; you’re making your head tilt.”  I start twisting the Ti leaves (found abundantly in Hawaii) together into an oily rope, sliding it back and forth down his ass crack.  His cock was hard and jutting out like a pole, but he was holding still with slow breaths in and out from his mouth.  “You’re doing a good job,” I said.

              The tip of his cock was all wet with precum.  Perfect!  I dipped my fingers into the bowl of water and brought it a few inches directly over his cock so the water would drip onto the tip of his dick.  I repeated it a few times.  His eyes popped open and his head moved.  Two pebbles on the ground, 5 more to go.

              I used the wooden pinchers on his nipples.  His cock twitches.  Very nice, I thought.

              Grabbing the piece of coarse rope, I use that to scrape lightly on the bottom of his balls (very gentle there) and place the orchid upside down on the tip of his dick and start twirling that in circles on the tip.  “Oh fuck!” He hissed. 

              I shake my head at him.  “I can’t believe you swore.”  He trembles slightly as I continue to tease his cock and balls.  The two pebbles on his shoulders fall off. 

              Using a large Ti leaf, I wrap that around his cock and squeeze while I lean in to whisper in his ear, “After I bathe you I’ll stroke and squeeze you with my hands.  Your cock in my hands, would you like that?”

              He nodded, eyes shut tight again.  Head bowed in defeat.  He knew it.  He knew I owned that cock.  Sweet, sweet victory!

              “Tell me, who gets to stroke and tease and play with this cock?” I tilted his chin up and made him open his eyes to look at me.  “Tell me.”

              He groaned.  “You do.”

              “Only me?” I demanded, all serious and intense.

              “Yes, only you.  There’s never been anyone else.”  His eyes burned into mine with some deep emotion that I didn’t want to examine too closely.  I was leaving in two days, back to the city, and even though I am planning to move to be with him at the end of the year that’s still a few months away.   Who knows if he’ll still feel the same?

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