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              “Either outcome suits you perfectly.”  He looked amused again.

              “Duh!  Don’t you know me by now?”  I stood up impatient now.  “So what do you say?  Game?”

              “Ok, deal.”  He got over to the mat, on his knees, and said, “Tell me what pose.”

              I told him.  “And strip.” I said.  As I was about to place the pebbles on him, he said, “Wait.”

              I stilled.  “What?”

              “No hands or mouth, you know it’d be game over before it gets started.  There’s no way I can hold still if you do that.”  He pleaded, “Come on, it has to be at least a fair game.”

              Fair game?  Haha!  The game was rigged right from the beginning with a clear winner.

              “Ok, no hands or mouth.”  I smiled brightly again.  “You don’t know me that well I guess.  I know of other ways to make you lose control.”

              “I’m sure you do.  And I do know you.” 

              The impromptu tools to tease and arouse one hot hippy are Ti leaves, orchids, a bowl of water, coarse rope, wooden pinchers, and whatever I could find nearby.   Hey, I’m winging it here, but I have full confidence he’ll be melt into a puddle by the time I’m done with him. 

              I unbuttoned my blouse, wearing only a black see through lacy bra and my skirt.  He gulped. 

              Grinning at him like a cat, I dipped an orchid into the bowl of water before bringing it up to his nipples.  I slid the petals over his nipple gently before doing tiny circles at the end and switching to the next one.  I leaned in close to blow on each nipple.  “Geez, you’re hard already.”

              “Oh God.  You’re going to kill me.”  He whispered and shut his eyes as my lacy covered breasts came in closer view.

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