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Hippy Fun


              Did I find another hippy that likes to listen to my commands and lets me be Queen?   All it takes is big bright smiles and a winning personality, I tell you.  A snap!  I know, I know, I won’t let it go to my head.  Sex and love, love and sex, life is sweet!

              Anyways, he’s fit and in shape, haole (what Hawaiians call white folks), got a sexy voice…but needs a little work.  I mean all that organic eating is good for your skin right?  But drowning in rain water, left out in the hot sun to dry and perspire doesn’t do much for a person’s smell or my appetite.  But hey, he’ll be spick and span in no time and I ain’t slumming!!!   Trust me, you’ll see.

              “Hey there, finished your meditation?  Wanna play a little game?”  I looked over at the blond hottie sitting cross-legged in shorts and all tan bare-chested.  I could see the six pack abs, the bangs falling over his blue eyes, and his fine muscular arms before he looked up.

              He smiled at me in amusement with dimples showing on his face, “No more board games.  I give up.  You’re the Champion and I bow to your Highness.”  He mimicked mock bowing with both hands and head.

              I laughed.  “Ummm…I was thinking of another type of game, something exciting and challenging. But maybe it’s too arousing for you to handle.”

              “Really?”  He sat up straighter and looked at me with questioning eyes.

              “Well, you know how you’re always going on about being calm and finding inner peace and being still and silent?  You’re going to get on your knees on that mat over there, in a pose I dictate, and I’ll place 7 small pebbles on top of you.  I’ll probably put it in places like the top of your head, nose (if you tilt your head a little), shoulder, hands, arms, and anywhere with a good flat surface.  You are to hold still and not move or twitch as I tease or arouse you.  I get 30 minutes to do my best or worst, and if they fall then you lose and you’ll have to let me tie you up, hose you down, scrub you clean, and I promise I won’t use any chemicals.  Plus I’ll have another 30 minutes to do whatever I want with you after you’re all sparkly.  Deal?”

              “But you could’ve just asked.  Why go through all that trouble?” 

              I sat down on the tree stump and crossed my legs, letting my jean skirt ride up as his eyes widened.  I smiled, “I know I can ask anytime I want, but then it wouldn’t be a game right?”

              “What do I get if I win?”  He laughed.  “Or did you ever consider that possibility?”

              “Yes I did.  If you win, you get to crawl over here, lift up my skirt, find out what colored thong I’m wearing and use your amazing tongue on me and practice those techniques in the ebook on oral sex that I sent you on me for 30 minutes.”  I smiled, “Agree?”

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