Happy Valentine's Day to My Love


Dear Love,      

Another year that I'm spending Valentine's Day without you.  A year in time is but a grain of sand or a speck of dust, yet it seems long only because you are not with me.  It's hard when my soul yearns to be reunited with yours.  There isn't anything greater or more special than being able to look into your eyes and know that I've come home and found my other half.

What are you doing and where are you?  I know that I ask the same questions, but only because I get no answers. 

Actually I understand.  Don't worry about me.  I'm doing fine.  I wouldn't want you to worry about me.

I know that there are things I need to do, places to go, and tasks I need to accomplish in this lifetime.  We may not even meet in this lifetime, and I'm ok with that.  I saw this video about twin flames and soulmates and I know that you are probably thinking about me and missing me just as much.  I don't want to burden you with thoughts of me or distract you from your tasks.  It's ok, really.  I love you.

If I find someone to love in this lifetime, even though he is not you...I will still love you and miss you.  Please be well and take care of yourself, my love. 





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