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               That was before I had Dan stretched out on the rug in front of the fire on a cold winter night.  He was yummy and much more delicious without his shirt showing off his athletic tan washboard abs.  His hair reminds me of those surfer dudes from hawaii.  The fire was dancing in his eyes and his smile was oh so flirty and mischievous.               

               "Hey, I got you a present...don't you want to see it?"  Dan was pulling out a small gift wrapped box to hand to me.  He was nervous and anxious at the same time.

               "Maybe later...there's something else I'd like to unwrap."  I grinned.  Looking at the gorgeous male in front of me it was hard to think of anything else.  You could say that my mind was on 'something' else.  Yes, that. 

               "Oh, yeah?"  He grinned, that I know what you're thinking about all male smile. 

               "Oh yeah.  Let me show you."   Without further ado I pulled him closer and kissed him like I'd never see him again.  A friend had told me that if you truly love someone, you should kiss them like you'd never see them again each and every single time.  I'd started nibbling his lower jawline, his ears, his neck,...then I traveled lower.  I love to feel and kiss those nice chest muscles and his flat abs, until I got to that happy trail with just a slight sprinkling of light brown hair. 

              "Wait a sec. Come up here."  Dan pulled me back up and turned serious again. "Tonight's supposed to be about you."

              "Me? Why?  What are we celebrating?"  Thanksgiving is a few days away so it can't be that.  Was there another important date?  Sometimes, I swear I'm almost as bad as a guy in remembering actual dates.  Did he say it was 'all about me'?  No one had ever treated her like that before, like she was precious and cherished.  It was a heady feeling indeed.

              "It's your birthday or have you forgotten?" He looked at my puzzled and surprised face. Handing me the little gift wrapped box he said, "Open it, I insist."


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