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Dominant Couple with Slave

Disclaimer:  This is just a story.  It's not real.  And no, I don't like Dom guys.  If at anytime you think I appear less than Domme in the story, then it's probably just the story or your imagination. 


         It's a weeknight I know, but I finally get the two of you alone and Richard promised me that we're going to play.  I couldn't wait as I glance at you shackled to the headboard of the bed and spread out like a Thanksgiving feast.  Jay's mixed with middle eastern looks, thick black hair, dark brown eyes and around 5'9.  My Richard is over 6'1, dark blond hair and blue eyes, washboard abs and hung.  And I'm a cute little 5'4 Asian, with a bright smile and a wicked glint in my eyes. 

         Jay writhes on my bed, pulling at his chains as his skirt rides up to his hips.  Richard stands behind me with his big hands on my hips and watches us.

I laugh evilly as I stroke my leather riding crop down Jay's chest and let the tip of it scrape across his nipples.

Jay arches his back, looking up at me with wide eyes and blushing in humiliation as his cock throbs against the front of the g-string I made him wear.  I tap it a few times before bringing out my clothespins.  "Are you a painslut?"  I asked.  I turn to Richard and asks him if I could hurt you just a little.

Jay shakes his head, trying to cringe away from the toys in my hands, but his erection straining against the front betrays his true feelings.  He begs Richard to spare him.  "Please Richard....don't let her torture me."

I pout a bit as Richard wraps his arms around me from the back and plays with my breasts, not answering me yet.

Richard looks at Jay, smiling, and turns to me, nodding, "just make sure there are no permanent marks on my property when you return it."

I laughed happily, "Of course not, Richard."

Jay shakes his head and rubs his smooth legs together, trying to back away but the chains hold him in place.

I crawl on top of Jay's legs, ripping his g-string off in one tug, and start caressing and fondling him in my hands feeling the smoothness of his balls.

Jay lets out a guttural moan, closing his eyes as Richard walks around the bed, watching with amusement.  Richard likes it when I'm happy so he indulges me and let's me play with Jay.  Jay is Richard's slave because he acquired him but he is supposedly "our slave."  My honey knows how to share, and I don't mind having Jay as our wife.

I arched my ass up high so that Richard can touch me and so he can see the moisture gathering on my pussy.  He sticks two fingers inside unexpectedly, making me moan out loud.

I moan and shake my ass a bit, to tease him, and leaned down to lick Jay's dick in one long swipe.  "Yummy, what a beautiful lollipop," I tell Jay.  "And so tasty too."

Smiling down at me, Richard moves his thick fingers in circles inside of me, watching as I lick the full length of Jay's tender tanned and oh so delicious cock.

I slowly apply those clothespins to the skin of his balls.

Jay struggles against the shackles, begging, "Please Mistress, no don't."  The shackles and chains rattle loudly against the bed.  I distract Jay with a few licks on the head of his cock before putting on a few more clothespins. 

Richard pulls his fingers out and slaps my ass loudly, without warning.

Shocked at the sting on my ass, I turn to look back at him with a frown on my face, "What was that for?"  He's never slapped me before.  And NO ONE gets to slap me, even if it's just a gentle tap.

"Er, excuse me, would you mind giving me a little more attention as well?" he asks, gesturing down at his own huge cock, which is bobbing up and down.   Ahhh, my baby was jealous and feeling neglected.  Poor thing.

I smile, and slide off the bed, stalking towards him gracefully and caressing my breasts watching his eyes turn hungry.  "Hmmm, I haven't forgotten you...."  I put my hands on his chest and kisses him deeply, nibbling on his lips and stroking his tongue with mine.

I kneel down and sucks on his dick for a few minutes, to tease him... Richard's stern expression gives way to a smile as he places his hands on my head, moving it back and forth while I suck on his cock...as I stand up, he kisses me on the lips once and replies, "Well, I'm happy to leave Jay in your capable hands." 

I say, "I was just playing with him and when Jay's all nice and hard I can ride you both.  How's that?  Would you like to fuck my ass while I ride Jay lying there all cute and helpless." 

"No." Richard says.

I walk over to the bed, "I'd better remove those clothespins now" as I see Jay wiggling on the bed and pulling at his chains.  "No what?" I asked without turning to look at him.

"When the time is right, sit on Jay's face and bend down so you two are 69ing.  I'll lift his legs up in the air and fuck him like a man should fuck his second wife."   I laugh at the picture that he paints with those words.  "That's a delicious idea, I can do that.  And Jay better be damn good with his mouth or I'll flog his ass after you fuck him."

"Well, that's what I love about you, honey," Richard says, bending and kissing my lower back as I continue to crawl towards Jay on the bed. "I'll let you ride me for as long as you need, Miss Katherine," Jay says, breathing heavily as he winces at the ongoing pressure of the clothespins.

"You're damn right you will, you little bitch," Richard says from behind me.  I remove each clothespin slowly and rub the skin of his balls to smooth them out.  I smile, "OUR little bitch," I corrected.  I definitely like the sound of that.

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