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               Bummed out she left the bar after two drinks and started walking home.  Turning a corner, she spotted someone that looked like Rick in a gas station convenience store walking to the parking lot.  She thought about calling out for him, but he already got into his car.  Erica scolded herself for even wanting to contact Rick when he had left like that.  "Gosh, I'm not that desperate." She thought.

               After getting home and lounging around the apartment in her pajamas and munching on some crackers with a glass of wine, the phone started ringing.  Hoping it was Rick, she hurrily picked up.  "Hello?"

               It was a frantic Kristy on the other line.  "Erica, it's Ben...He's been in an accident."  She was sobbing into the phone and barely understandable.

               "Oh my god.  What happened?  Is he ok?  Where are you right now?"  Erica was pacing the living room concerned about her friend.  Her own problems forgotten for the moment she wondered if there was anything she could do to help. 

               "I'm flew in to town tonight.  I'm at the airport right now.  He's in a local hospital here.  Oh god, I can't believe this...Ben was perfect, how could this happen?"  Kristy cried harder, barely holding herself together.

               "Wait.  Stay right there.  I'm going to throw on some jeans and pick you up and we'll go to the hospital, ok?"  Erica ran to her bedroom to pull out some jeans and a tshirt.  She didn't even really care what she grabbed or put on.  "Hold on ok, don't go anywhere and keep it together.  We're going to see him at the hospital soon, ok?"

               "Ok.  I'll wait here."  Kristy mumbled after another sob.

               Erica speed through the streets thankful that there were hardly any traffic at this hour.  She felt bad for Kristy because she knew her friend was picky and to have finally stuck with a guy even for a few months, that was a record for Kristy and she knew that they must have really connected and cared about each other.  She hoped that Ben was ok.  She hadn't met him yet because Kristy flies all over the states and Ben sounded like he worked alot at some company as well.

               Kristy was sitting on her luggage on the sidewalk outside the parking lot at the airport as she pulled in.  Her fashion designer and image conscious friend looked a mess.  She looked like she hadn't slept and her eyes were puffy red.  "Hop in, and let's go.  Do you know which hospital he's in?"  Erica pushed open the door for her friend as Kristy tossed the luggage into the back seat.

               "Yes, he's in the General hospital, not the smaller clinics.  They said it was really bad and the last time I heard he was in critical condition."  Kristy looked about to cry again.

               "Oh I'm sorry."  Erica glanced over at Kristy.   "Look, it'll be ok, he'll pull through and from what you tell me, he seems like a tough strong kind of guy.  Just hang in there ok?"


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