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               “Erika darling, it’s your Mom. How’s my baby doing?”
               “Oh hi Mom, I’m fine.  I was just about to head out.”
               “Ok dear.  I’ll let you go in a bit. I just wanted to know if you’re coming home this weekend.”
               “I’m sorry I can’t.  I have some plans this weekend.”
               “Oh, plans? How nice.  Have you finally gotten yourself a nice boyfriend?”
               “No, Mom.  Just some friends and I are going out of town.”
               “Ah, I see.  You aren’t young you know.  You should start finding someone to settle down with.  You are working too hard and I don’t want to see my only daughter grow to be an old maid.”

               “Oh, Mom.  I don’t have time for that conversation again.  I’m only twenty-nine. I know, but I’m not ready yet...  Yes, I know you mean well.  I’ve got to go.  I’ll call you later.  Love you too.  Bye.”

                Brush hair. Check. Got black purse. Check.  Reapply lipstick.  Check.  I’m ready.  I hope he is as sexy as he sounds.  Hmm, he sounds yummy so far.

                I just remembered.  I forgot to ask what he looks like or what he would be wearing to the Café.  Damn!  And I didn't even ask for a picture.  How would I know which guy sitting at the tables is him?  Erika walked inside the Café thinking that maybe this whole thing wasn’t such a good idea after all.  A fling with a stranger is a bit nerve wrecking.  Besides, I haven’t had sex for eighteen months so I’m pretty out of it.  Yeppers, 18 months.  Pretty pathetic, I know.

                There wasn’t any man under sixty sitting alone at the tables or standing around inside the Café.  He’s late.  Could he be a no-show?  That was a possibility since she didn’t know how reliable the online dating site was nor the people that signed up at that website.

                 Checking her watch now, it showed 6:38pm.  Where is he?  She had no clue what he looks like.  Just then a nicely built 6’2 guy rushed in.  He was dressed casually in a black t-shirt and jeans with a black leather bike jacket on the outside.  He quickly scanned the place with his hazel eyes and approached the counter.  Erika watched him.  After he ordered a coffee, he turned around and his eyes met hers.  He smiled at her and walked towards her table.

                  She was excited, her heart beating wild thump thumps inside her chest.  Could this be the guy?  He looks so scrumptious and tasty that the mocha latte she was sipping was quickly forgotten as she licked her lips as a shiver of desire sped through her body.


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