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                Erika didn’t like to clutter her space with personal effects preferring to separate her personal life from her professional.  Besides, what was there to display?  A single Mom raised her and as an only child she was used to being a loner.  Thus she remained distant and aloft with most of her friends.  After all, her work usually came first.  It was a good thing that her best friend Kristy understood, she was just as determined to make a splash in this world. There was a picture of Mom and a Precious Moments calendar that I picked out at Hallmark, what else do I need?

                Let me check the website again.  Maybe he wrote back.

                Yeppers, he did.



                         What a beautiful name!  I will be there, you can count on it.  I can’t wait to meet you.  You won’t be disappointed.  I'll personally see to it that you have a great time with me.


                  It’s going to be a fling for the weekend and nothing more she told herself.  She didn’t need a relationship or any kind of emotional entanglement.  It would be chaotic to the neat little world she had constructed.  Emotions can make a sensible person lose their mind and do things they wouldn’t normally do.  And Erika wanted to avoid that at all cost.  If he turns out to be a smooth talker, a womanizer or a commitment phobia type of guy it was fine.  All I need him for is just one weekend and nothing more.

                 Finally the clock struck five.   Gathering up her purse she decided to drive the ten minutes to her apartment situated in an upper middle class area with a low crime rate.   It was a big two-bedroom place decorated in contemporary furnishings with a minimalist look.  The bright orange and red painting of random brush strokes above her black leather sofa was the only piece of daring and colorful item in her home.

                   What should I wear?  Why do women always have a hard time finding something to wear when the closet is brimming to overflowing with new outfits?  Sigh.  She was not an over-spender and certainly not a crazy shopper but she wouldn’t deny herself luxuries or nice things sometimes.  Her 70k a year salary was more than enough to provide for her and have some money left over that she safely tucked away for rainy days.

                   She held up a short leather beige miniskirt and a low-neck sleeveless red blouse.   Now if only she could find those red spaghetti strap sandals with high heels.  Where the heck is it? 

                   Ring. Ugh, who would be calling?  Ring.  Are the heels under the couch? Nope, not there.   Ah, there it is, beside the magazine rack.  Ring. “I’m coming, hold on.” She said out loud.


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