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The new message link and mailbox icon on the website was flashing.  Wow.  I got a reply already.  It's only been 15 minutes. 

    Your description of the guy you’re looking for matches me exactly.  I am fun, and you will have fun around me—I guarantee it.  Intelligent male, handsome, can laugh at jokes and I can even tell a few.  So where are we going? Let me know.   Where do I apply? I am yours, and waiting.  Let’s meet for a coffee somewhere.



It's an interesting reply, but kind of a bit short.  I’d like to know more about this guy.  But on the other hand, I’m looking for a weekend fling so I suppose I don’t need to know everything about him.  You’re the new Erika remember, she had to remind herself of her mission.  Maybe I could meet him for a beer or a coffee somewhere before we start this so-called fling.  Paula, my college roommate, said to meet at a public place, hmm, Mocha Latte Café, is just the perfect place and only a fifteen minutes drive from work too her sensible brain whispered.


Thursday lunchtime, she checked her watch.  If I meet him after work and he passes my initial screening then wild weekend getaway it is.  Erika was so excited she could feel the excitement bubbling up inside of her.  This was something that she wouldn’t have considered herself capable of.  A fling? Get real.



Show up at the Mocha Latte Café next to the bookstore on West Street after work at say 6:30pm.  I’ll scope you out and if you are indeed the kind of man you say you are then we’ll head down to Daytona Beach Friday evening to spend the weekend.  See ya, sexy!  Don’t be late.    



 She could barely wait for the workday to end; the piles of folders containing financials were neatly stacked in their respective compartments on top of her desk.  The office was spacious, the area neat and organized, the personal items were sparse and minimal.   She looked around her office, and did feel proud of it.  It was a symbol of the long hours of work, the sacrifices and the single-minded determination she possessed to get to where she is today.   She didn’t want to forget that.



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