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                      Well, enough thinking.  I decided that a little experiment was just what the doctor ordered.  Psychic doctor.  Love doctor.  Or maybe just what my inner ‘self-help’ guru would prescribe.

                       Here it is. Phrase 1 Objective:  Time to take some action and grab onto a slice of adventure, something my life sorely lacks.

                       Phrase 1 Step One:  Online Personals Website or in other words matchmaking site. Check. Wrote Ad. Check. Post it.

Fun SWM wanted ASAP!


                      Hot, sexy male wanted for a wild weekend getaway.  Must bring own sense of humor, personality, wit, and a change of clothes.  Be prepared to have fun!  Wimps, stick in the mud duds, geeks, nerds and sourpusses need not apply.  Did I mention Fun? Qualified candidate gets prize- ME.  A 5’6 brunette, sassy, smart and a seductress, need I say more? Write me.

                   Check.  There! Done!  Deep breath.  Inhale and exhale.  Whew.  I couldn’t believe I actually had the guts to follow through.  I posted that online personals ad at one of the major online dating websites.  I’d seen their commercial on late night TV.  Now all I’ve got to do is wait for the responses to roll in.  That wasn’t too bad.  Most of my co-workers and friends have met people online.  Really, it’s no big deal in this day and age she tried to rationalize to herself.   She was nervous, she admitted.  This isn’t something she normally did and never in her life did she have a fling or one-night stand. One night stands were taboo- a definitely no-no in her book.

                   Well, not anymore her inner wild child cooed.  She was going to transform into wild Erika, she thought, picturing herself as a Coyote Ugly bargirl dancing on the bar counter and erupting into a fit of giggles.  Okay, maybe not that wild. 

                   Did I really write that ad, it sounds more like something that flirty giggly girl Susie in the PR department would write?  Hmm, let me see.   Where is the Edit button on this website?

                    No, she told her stubborn accountant brain.  Stop analyzing and stop calculating every risk.  Stop it right now!  I am determined to have some fun and I will not let years of proper upbringing and too logical and sensible a brain ruin my plan.

                   After browsing around the site for no longer than twenty minutes and already picturing herself with any one of those good-looking guys whose photos were posted there- she saw the New Message button blinking on the corner.  Wow, a response to my ad already!  That’s fast, a reply in less than five minutes. You’ve got to love technology these days.

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