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Free Contemporary Online Romance Story

Free contemporary online romance story, a novella, for you cosmo girls out there.  This is a fun read with a vegas setting where the affair takes place.  I hope you enjoy it.  I had loads of fun writing this one.


A Quick Fling



               Erika Henderson, ahem, CPA was a damn good accountant but the daily grind and the piles of corporate financial sheets and tax returns were starting to become plague-like and so tiresome.  Being boring Ms. Little Goodie Two-shoe was finally taking its toll.   Her spacious office despite being clean and neat with a panoramic view of the city below, located on the 30th floor no less, was somehow suffocating.  This, she reminded herself, was what she labored most of her life for.  Stop hating the prize, the prestige, and everything that came with it which was won through blood, sweat, and tears.  Ok, not literally, but still.  Be satisfied, she scolded herself.  But I can’t seem to be some inner part of her whined.

                       Her life was one fat checklist.  Gone to college, check, got CPA license, check, remained single to focus on career, check.  It seemed like most of the things on her To Do list were being checked off.  Now that she thought about it, there was nothing at all on her list that is purely for fun or just for “the heck of it” as her best friend Kristy is fond of saying.  Her friends would describe her as organized and structured.  Erika doesn’t like to take risks and isn’t a spontaneous person, she mimicked.  She grimaced and stuck a tongue out at her reflection mirrored on that trophy, won for being the most productive team member in her firm, displayed proudly on the shelf.   Aren’t you supposed to have a little fun now and then in life?  If not, what’s the whole point to it all?  Lately, her mind has been asking that same question over and over to torment her.  Is this a sign of burnout?

                      She didn’t hate her job.  Not really.  It’s just that lately it’s been so routine and bland.  It’s like there’s nothing to look forward to anymore.  What was she missing here?  A warm hot body to be with who made her laugh…her mind supplied.  Someone different, and not like her ex, Herbert (the drone). 

                      Maybe that was a bit unfair, but if she had to name a person that could put her to sleep, it would be Herbert.  Gosh, what did she ever see in him, besides the strong work ethic that matched hers?  He had a closet full of dark gray suits and a drawer of matching gray designer socks.  How boring was that?  I’d memorized his weekly schedule after two weeks of dating, and he never deviates from his normal routine unless forced by his company or his mother.   She shook her head.  It was for the best; he did dump me and take up with his high school sweetheart again.  The brunette that he said he knew so well and had known for years.  I scare him sometimes.  Maybe he knows deep down that I am not content.  Can you really see that in people’s eyes?  Did he see it in my eyes?



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