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            If you like my romance stories and want to drop me a note, please feel free to do so at: and if you have compliments (those are always nice to hear) or if you want me to finish these free romance stories just let me know.  If I know there's actually people reading these stories it's more motivating for me to go and finish them. 

                  About me:

               I'm 28.  I'm a brunette, 5'4 average chinese-american. I love romance stories and books (especially paranormals, urban fantasy, futuristics, time-travel, historicals, etc.) I like to write when I have time and I like to travel and sight-see.   I'm sponetaneous and a Sagittarius (I have tons of Sag qualities).  I like the beach, hiking, coffee shops, museums, art galleries, live music, and trying new fun things. 

               Note:  Thank you to the people that email me nice things.  The spam I could do without, but the emails from live people are nice and fun to read.



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