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           After doing another three to four of hours of "afterhours" programming and editing company reports, Brian decided to pack it in and call it a night.  He was tired and still annoyed by the phone call from his so called mother. 

          Good thing he lived 10 minutes away from the office, it was a good exclusive location and convenient, and that's why he picked it.  Pulling up to the gate, he looked closely at his house for the first time and realize that it was a bit bland and wonder what Kristen would say.  He still had the original furniture that the house came with, he didn't bother to redecorate because he'd been so busy with work and one project after the next.   Brian realized that he only came home most nights to shower and sleep.  It was a waste really, the house definitely had potential...he chuckled thinking that he could probably say that about himself.

           He fell right to sleep and didn't bother setting the alarm.  It was one of the perks of being the CEO, and he and the guys usually worked long hours late into the night so he didn't exactly require them to stick to a set schedule as long as they did their fair share of the work.  The atmosphere at the office was laid back and he didn't think his workshop instructor would have a problem with it.  Boy, was he wrong!

             As Brian walked into the office the next day at about 1:33 pm, he found Kristen to be rather irritated with him.   "Hi there.  How are you doing?"  He called out to her as she strode towards him.

             "Where is everyone?  The class was at 10 am, and there is no one here and the only person here is the security guard."  Kristen came to a stop in front of him and stopped short of glaring at him because you couldn't do that to the person that hired you.

             "Hmmm."  Brian checked his time.  "They should be here by now.  We don't really work a set schedule at this company, especially the programmers."

             "Well, someone should have told me that.  In fact, you approved the workshop schedule.  And since I didn't get my security badge I had to wait in the building lobby the entire time."

             "Oh geez."  Brian combed his fingers through his hair and smile at her rather sheepishly.  "Ummm, yeah I was supposed to do that last night.  I'll get you a badge now.  Aren't most of the classes in the afternoons and early evennings?  I didn't realize there was one in the morning."

             Kristen let out a sigh of exasperation.  "Well, the class this morning was on setting up a personals ad and it was in the morning so we could check to see if there were responses tonight or during tomorrow's class.  And to see if those personal ads need work.  Three weeks isn't alot of time to get the guys ready for a date and to help them find one."

             "Ummm, right.  Let's go upstairs and see if I can find the guys and round them up.  I'm really sorry about that."  Brian pressed the button on the elevator to the 8th floor, and glance over at her.  She wasn't looking at him.   "Look, you can bill us for the missed class because it's my fault."

              She's really beautiful when she's mad...or irritated with me.  It's really too bad she has a fiancee, the good ones are always taken Brian thought.  Brian shook his head, gosh what am I thinking?  I can't seduce the instructor.  I need to get a life.



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