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            Brian went back to the conference room to rejoin his employees in listening to Kristen.  She has such a soft and beautiful voice he thought.  Maybe thinking about less serious things like parties and women will get my mind off of the company’s financials and ease my worries about the latest game’s puzzling bugs he hasn’t been able to figure out.  Plus this call from Rebecca wasn’t something he wanted to think about either.  He tried to mask his emotions and appear to be his old cheerful self but he remained mostly quiet throughout.


            Kristen wondered what was bothering Brian.  He seemed more withdrawn after the phone call but after awhile he started to act like his old self again.  He added his own comments and opinions about the opposite sex and laughed at her jokes along with his colleagues.


            As the day drew to a close the guys started to gather up their stuff to head out.  Brian came up to Kristen after the class was over and asked, “So you’ll be staying in Toronto for three weeks?”


            “I usually spend three to four weeks at each location depending on how cooperative the students are.  I enjoy seeing the actual results and the progress they make.  It’s amazing to see everyone with a date at the last class which will be a party at some chic club in town.”


            “Ah, I see.  Do you happen to have a lucky guy you take to this so called ‘party’?” Brian teased.


            “Hey, you aren’t supposed to practice the things I teach in class on me.  My fiancée is overseas on business.” She replied.  “But nice try.”


            "Oh, that's too bad.  I figured I'd work on my homework early and score myself a date before the other guys do."  He gave her his best dimple smile and lean against the doorway temporarily blocking her path.


            "Ah, I see.  Ambitious and competitive you are."  Impressive!  If she wasn’t so against having a boyfriend she might have been interested.


            "In my business I always have to stay one step ahead of the competition to stay afloat."


            "Well, I'll see you tomorrow.  Tell me, works over for you right? Oh, and I need a security access badge so I can get into the building and the different corridors."


            "Ok, I can get that setup for you tomorrow morning.  And no, work is never over for me, unfortunately."  Brian stepped aside the doorway and reluctantly let her through.   It was nice flirting with a lady now and then.  The lecture was informative, he wondered why there were no manuals titled, “How to get a date for dummies” or maybe “Be a Babe Magnet in 24 Hours” or “Get a Girlfriend in 7 Days.”  He and his programmers sure could use something like that.  What he didn't realize were that there were literally hundreds if not thousands of such manuals on the Internet.  Greedy marketers have been capitalizing on nerdy men who require such help.


            He liked women no doubt, but sometimes it was just so hard to read them or understand them.  With computers, he had been a natural since he was a kid.




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