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            “Hello? This is Brian Wrighton.  What can I do for you?” he asked.

            “This is your Mother.  So now that you’re successful you don’t bother to call home huh?  I haven’t heard from you in months.”  Rebecca Wrighton, a struggling alcoholic single Mom waiting for her son’s checks couldn’t care less if he called or not as long as he sent the check.  But it was a month and a half ago since the last one came.  It was all gone, all eight thousand of it and she could use some cash right now.

            “I’m sorry.  I’ve been really busy with the latest online game and de-bugging it.  I keep thinking I’d call soon but something always comes up last minute.  How are you doing?”  He knew precisely before she replied what she was calling about.

            “Brian, I didn’t receive a check this month.  I am down to my last fifty dollars.  You wouldn’t want your Mother to starve now would you?” she went on.

            “How much do you need?” he mentally prepared himself.  His mother wasn’t really a mother to him.  She was never there when he was a child.  She was either drunk and passed out or out dating losers.  Rebecca was the kind of shallow, self-centered, and materialistic type of woman he avoided.  But he reminded himself that she was his mother after all and he didn’t get to pick his birth Mother.  He didn’t expect to hear what she was about to say next though.

            “Brian, I need $750,000 this month.  It would be really good if you can send it within the next three weeks.  Considering all the money you’ve been making and that article they wrote about you in Toronto Times and how much you are worth that should be nothing to you.  Besides that one time when you gave me two million dollars and the monthly checks I’ve hardly gotten anything from you.” 

            “What?  $750,000?  Why do you need that much right now?  What have you gotten yourself into this time?  Is it Albert?  He’s gotten you on some kind of drug hasn’t he?”  Brian tensed up.  He could feel his shoulders stiffen.  This call was coming at a bad time.  He considered himself a generous guy but he just couldn’t afford that much money right now and he didn’t have that much liquid himself.

            “No, it’s not Albert.  Don’t talk about him like that.  I’m not in any trouble, what’s wrong with sharing some of that money with your own Mother?”

            “Hmm, well, I’ll see what I can do.  But I just don’t have that kind of money right now.” He tried to explain.  “My money is all tied up in stocks and research and development projects.  I’ll call you back later and see how much I can send you this month.  But $750,000 sounds impossible at this moment.”

            “You greedy jerk.  What kind of son do I have? Damn it.” She slammed the phone down and huffed.  That ungrateful kid, I knew I should have dumped him on someone’s doorstep.  Unappreciative, that’s what he is.  I’ll think of a plan to get some money out of him.  Rebecca started thinking about her plan.  After all, Brian wasn’t really her son.

            Brian was a bit hurt by the call.  But years of disappointment with his family had hardened him to deal with all kinds of things.  He had half expected his mother to act like that.  That is just the Rebecca he knew.



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