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Computers or Love




            “Hey.  We have a special guest speaker today.  Finish up your coding in a few minutes and head over to the conference room.” Brian Wrighton told his programmers.


            “What’s this about? Not another meeting again?” Davey Jones, head programmer of Games A Million Inc. groaned.  Also as Brian Wrighton’s best friend, who happened to be the president/founder of the online gaming company, Davey often made his opinion heard.


            “I’ve been thinking that we’ve been putting in too many hours as of late and need a few nights out after the Episode III of Dungeon Wars is completed.  The only problem is a night out with you guys is no different than sitting in here and programming all night if we didn’t have a date.  So I hired Ms. Kristen Thornton certified speaker/instructor of “Social Relations” and ph. D in Human Psychology.” Brian grinned as he heard applause and “oh yeahs” from his employees.


 “In laymen terms, basically, she is here to teach us how to get a date.”


Although a girlfriend wouldn’t hurt Brian thought, working late every weeknight, playing Ancient Cities Raider and working out at the gym daily is not much of a life he admitted. 


“There’s one thing folks, the workshop states it doesn’t guarantee anything and that we are to cooperate and to put in the required effort. So let’s give this our best shot.”


            “Hey Brian, is the instructor hot?” Davey asked and gave a high-five to another geek just as Kristen stepped into the programming room.  “Err, hi.”  He turned red and gave her a nod before returning to his work. Another co-worker across the room chuckled.


            A brunette with long wavy hair and green eyes of an athletic build in her late twenties addressed Brian.  Dressed in a black suit and stockings and high heels she knew she looked good as the discreet peeks from behind the computers confirmed.  At least these nerds are not gay and do look at women unlike the last workshop of programmers she dealt with in San Diego.  Those weren’t even remotely interested in women and were dozing off in class, a total disaster.


“So, are we almost ready?”


            “Yup, we’ll see you in the conference room in five minutes.” 


The thirty-one year old CEO in a white polo shirt with the computer logo in front and khakis pants replied.  A native of Canada Brian sported ruggedly good looks and a full head of brown uncombed hair.  The deep blue eyes and dimples along with that shy smile were not lost on Kristen.  But she promised herself to not get tangled up in a relationship with a man.  They were nothing but trouble and heartache.  Why ruin a perfectly good career and cause yourself stress and grief if it can be avoided?


            Due to the type of career she has chosen people often ask her about her own romantic relationship to which she politely replies in every instances with “My fiancé is overseas on business.”  A lie, of course, Kristen couldn’t imagine herself strapped down to a man.  Yet the irony of telling her students that the instructor of “Relationships” herself is single would be too humiliating and shameful to admit.


            Seated around a huge conference room table the fifteen programmers of Games A Million Inc. were nervously staring at her.  A few of the guys were visibly sweating, as a few drops of sweat dripped down their cheeks despite the air conditioning being on high.  She glanced at each one briefly.


            “Before we start, I’d like to point out a few things that would greatly improve your chances of meeting and connecting with a special lady if corrected immediately.”


She commented on their wrinkled, slept-in T-shirts with things “I’m a Computer Bug” or “I’ve got drive, Hard drive” on the front and uncombed hair like their leader Brian.  


“Before attempting to go out and meet women, it would be nice if you wore a fresh and clean shirt free of wrinkles and look like you bathe. Oh, and ditch the Nerd shirts and glasses.  If you don’t have watery and sensitive eyes contact lenses are preferable.”


            “Guys, women want to look at you and see your eyes and clean shaven face.  Don’t hide behind those thick dark frame glasses, it shows a lack of confidence.  There is nothing sexier than confidence in a guy.” She lectured.  


            A knock on the door interrupted her lecture.  A middle-aged chubby woman around her forties stuck her head into the conference room.  Brian’s personal secretary Mrs. Martin whom she had met earlier said, “Mr. Wrighton, you have an emergency phone call.”


            “Thanks.” He acknowledged his secretary.  “Please just continue without me.  I’ll be right back.” 



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