Broken Heart Poem

This is a sad poem about a broken heart, for people that are feeling grief and despair after a love relationship gone bad. But then again, you might not want to read such things because you'll just get more depressed.


Broken Heart



Death does not hurt as much as this

Nor is it as punishing, this pain that crushes my heart

It’s claw like fingers ripping apart my soul bit by bit

Love unreturned, here I stand alone, torture a constant friend

Condemned to want, and to dream only to be denied yet again

I bear the seer agony of listening to his voice and his happiness

Knowing that it does not include me, I don’t need to be told twice

Cast aside like some broken china, I am so cold, warmth eludes me


Someone help me!  Tell me there is an end to this madness

Is there a broken soul out there, rather like mine?

Save me from myself, and the depth of my despair…

I’m drowning in my grief, feeling incomplete and lost

I’m not perfect, but I loved him yet that holds no sway

He is under someone’s power and control, blind to all

A friend, is that all I’ll ever be?  Should I even bother?

Enduring and quietly listening to his phone calls about his happiness

My heart breaks piece by piece, wishing him the best

I vow not to answer again, fading away into the shadows

I will be but a forgotten memory of a time past






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