Bound and Gagged


Note:  Bound and Gagged is just a story.  I don't believe in casual sex and even casual sex in a story feels weird hence I double bagged him.  Who knows where that "virtual" surfer guy has been right?  Haha...  Ok, I'll be quiet now.


                   He was bound, gagged, and blindfolded in a chair.  My prisoner.  My sex slave.  Oh so yummy... I could see the muscles on his arms, he was a carpenter and gardener by day.  In fact, he built his own house in Nanawale Estates on the Big Island of Hawaii.  All that hard work and surfing sure made him fit and strong.  He has dirty blond hair and brown tanned skin.  I met him at the farmer's market when he sold me lycees and I knew he would be an uncomplicated, fun boy toy.

                  Oh don't worry, I wouldn't really hurt him.  Much.  His head came up upon hearing me approach.  He pulls at the ropes, but they don't give.  I've been learning and practicing shibari which is Japanese rope bondage so it's very useful on occasions like these. 

                  I lean in to whisper in his ear, "How's my sexy surfer doing? Getting lonely sitting in this chair, huh?  Don't worry, I'll play with you." I give his nipple a pinch.  And nibble on his ear, little gentle nibbles with just a bit of teeth.  I had shaved his pubes last night so he was all smooth and bare down there, like a baby's butt.  I caressed those balls in my hands and then I squeezed the head of his cock before letting it drop. 

                  He was hard as a rock, of course.  The anticipation and the mystery must be killing him.  He must be wondering what I would do.  And being that helpless in my hands, it's a good thing he trusts me and I'm a kind Mistress (most of the time).  I have paracord in my hands, I'm going to bound his balls too and tie the base of his cock with those balls, tight but not too tight. 

                  I start working on that, and notice that he gets incredibly harder and wet at the tip.  I lean down to lick the drop off the tip.  Yummy!

                  It's a good thing that he's here for my pleasure, because I'm damn tired of flogging submissives and I'm tired of foot rubs.  I want a live human dildo.  And he's it.  Lucky him!  But he doesn't get to cum.  Since this is for my pleasure, that's why I tied his balls and the base of his cock, it'll help him last longer.  Plus, I am going to put two condoms on him, it'll make him less sensitive.

                  After I finished tying up his cock and balls, I hiked up my skirt and pulled my thong off.  I removed his ball gag tie and threw that on the bed.  "Mistress....please...." He started to say.

                  "Please what?"  I replied.  He was silent.  Males, they're so indecisive.  He doesn't even know what he wants or is begging for. 

                  I brought my thong up to his face, all wet and sticky with pussy juice.  "You like that?  Can you smell how wet I am?"  I straddle his lap and rub my wet pussy on his lap.  He moaned, with a dry throat.  I got up and went to get him a glass of water.  I tilted the glass up against his lips and told him to drink up.  I went to get the condoms.  I put two on him and rubbed some lube over the condoms. 

                   "Please Mistress, fuck me." He begged.  "Oh shut up.  Dildos don't talk."  I stuffed my wet thong in his mouth and told him to zip it.

                   I straddled his lap again, this time positioning myself to gently slide down on his hard cock.  I put a hand on each of his shoulder and prepared to ride.  I arched my back and slide up and down, like a good little cowgirl.  I kissed the side of his jaw.  This was so damned good. 

                   Sitting on him, impaled to the hilt, I used both hands to pull and pinch and play with his nipples.  I bite his shoulder with little bites.

                   After riding him for awhile, alternating between slow and fast, he spit my thong out of his mouth and begged, "Faster.  Please let me cum. I'm going nuts here."

                   I glared at him.  "Who said you could talk?"  Damn human dildos don't know when to shut up.  I twisted a nipple.  He moaned.

                   I got up.  He was getting close, and I didn't want him to cum yet.  Plus, he's ruining my mood by his talking.  I was enjoying myself, riding him and closing my eyes and pretending...pretending that he was the one I wanted.  Since I don't sleep around, this was fucked up.  But since this is a dream, maybe it's not so fucked up after all.

                   Well, since you had to open your mouth...I'm not going to let you cum at all tonight.  Too bad for you.

                   I removed the condoms and wiped his cock with a warm towel.  I attached a cock leash to the base of his cock and sat on the sofa to read, and every time I turned the page I would be pulling his cock leash since the handle was in my hand.  I kept him hard for an hour.

                   He was begging and pleading.  To shut him up, since his chair was next to the couch, I reach over and flicked my cock flogger at him.  It was a smaller, smoother, and soft flogger made of suede type material.  It didn't really hurt, but it delivers a sting.  I watch his eyes widen and he tried to flinch away from it.

                   After playing with him, and teasing him for awhile I decied it was time for another ride.  Hopefully, he'll be quiet this time and let me enjoy myself.  Playing a Disturbed cd, "Mistress."  Right song for tonight.  I put new condoms on him again and lube.

                   I climbed back on and closed my eyes and imagined.  Imagined it was him and his face that I was seeing.  Imagine another haole, someone who made me smile and laugh and impossibly wetter.  And that it was his big hard cock I was riding and sliding up and down of, and that his hands were wrapped around my back and he was kissing my neck.  My nipples were rubbing against his chest.  Imagined it was his voice that was whispering things into my ear, things that made my heart beat faster and my grip tighter.  I could feel my fingernails digging into his back and shoulders.

                   I tilted my back for a better angle.  Oh God, he was hitting the right spot.  It feels so damn good.  I grind against that dick harder and used him like my own personal pleasure toy.  This is way better than anything you can get at the stores.  After cumming again and again and getting exhausted and finally satisfied with myself, I untied him and took off his blindfold.

                   I even massaged his hands and arms where the rope left little dents on his skin.  I helped him on the bed, and looked at the time.  It was almost 3 am.  I guess I wore out my toy.  I giggled.  Maybe I should come to Hilo more often I thought to myself.  And did I mention that he built a nice hot tub in the back of his house.  And he has tulips and flowers all around the tub for me.  As I fell asleep in his arms, I wondered why I wasn't happy with just a sex slave or a pleasure toy.  It was pretty damn good and he's a great guy, so why not be happy? 

                   Greedy Mistress.  Why don't I feel anything?  Am I just being a woman?  Why mess up a good uncomplicated thing?  The moon was so beautiful tonight, so full and bright.  I guess I'm still wishing for the one thing that I want the most.







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