Blackmailing a Coworker

By Katherine and Michael


                 I walk into the office with a stack of paperwork in my hands.  Included are several notebooks full of notes and stories from interviews.  I sat them down on my desk and look over to Katherine, the new temp in the office.  Secretly I have a crush on her.  It's unfortunate that she will be leaving again soon.  I always try to smile at her and tell her good morning.  She rarely pays me any attention.  "Good Morning Kathy."   I sit at my desk, and start working, looking over to her whenever I think she isn't looking.

                Damn that Michael.  He's staring at me again; he thinks I'm just a lowly temp.  But I'll show him.  What he doesn't know is that my friend is the owner of the company and I've known him for years.  I've been sent in to find out what's been bothering the employees and causing dissension and just to observe.  As a temp, I can do that inconspicuously...  I lean my hip against my desk and look over at him. "Hi Michael, looks like you got a huge stack of work there."

               I was fiddling with my key chain and on it was a small flogger...which I dropped and as Michael saw what it was, his eyes turned wide.

               I loved that shock look on his face. 

               It takes me a minute to respond as I'm lost in my own thoughts.  My eyes are downward and it's next to obvious that I am staring at your legs.  Deep down I thought that Kathy dressed like that on purpose. "Yes...tons of work for me.  You know how it is."  I smile and pretend to work, hoping that I was able to successfully play off the fact that I am damn near gawking at the women in the office.  "So what does the old man have you doing today?"  Looking over at your desk, wishing mine was equally as empty.

             I laughed.  "Oh Rodney said I can check into these files for him.  I mean Mr. Brickham."  I wonder what Michael will think or say if he knew about my "secret" life or personality outside of work.  He sure looks like such a fresh faced innocent...

            "What are you looking into?"  I ask, moving closer to you.  I stand behind you, looking over your shoulder into the open file on your desk.  I use this as an opportunity to glance down your shirt a few times.  I even go so far as to lean slightly against you.  "Aren't you just a temp?  Why do they have you looking at files like that Kath?  Strange."  I return to my desk.

             I noticed him glancing down my blouse a few times, but I say nothing about it.  "Ahhh, it's a special assignment for Mr. Brickham as I am supposed to report directly to him.  In fact, I need to talk to you in the small conference room in a bit."  I watched him walk back to his desk, eyeing all those firm muscles and the slender body of his. 

            "How about now?  I could use a break. Come with me."  I motion for you to follow me into the conference room.  Once inside, I take a seat in the larger of the leather chairs, behind the table.   "Now what business do you need to discuss with me?"

            I laughed inwardly at Michael taking the larger chair and sitting at the head of the table.  So typical and just like a male...  I close the door and lock it.  We'll see if I'm right about what's been going on in the company and the dirt I've dug up.  Let see how Michael is willing to play into my hands because of what I know.  I bet he'd be quaking in his shoes if he knew that I know all about it.

            Taking a sip of my coffee, I asked again.  "So what is it that you need to talk that's so important that you lock the door?  This is a news paper company, not an intelligence operation.”   I laugh at you.  Temps, they do the craziest things, I think.  "Alright, so what is it?"  I sit up, and look over at you.  I notice your smirk.   "Why are you looking at me like that?"

            "Ah Michael, you might as well come clean because I know all about what you've been trying to hide.  I know how much you want to be a features writer instead of a small columnist but to steal other people's notes and their sources and to disable the other reporter's fax lines so they don't get the hot press fax sheets in time is very unethical."

           "If I told Mr. Brickham all that, I think you'd be out of a job and lose all your credibility."

           "But maybe we can work something out...if you promise that it won't happen EVER again...I might be willing to overlook it."

           "What are you talking about?"  My facial expression turns from flirtatiously confident, to one of deep concern.   "I don't know what you are talking about!  What proof do you have of this?"   I ask.  I stand up, moving to look through the stack of files you have on the table in front of you.  

           I motion him to sit back down.

           "Oh Michael, of course I have proof.  I'm not a lowly temp or an idiot to just randomly accuse people of such things.  I have video tapes of you going to Jen's desk at night and making copies of her stories for next week and of the disabling of the fax lines before the hour of when the fact sheets come in.  I also dug up a lot of dirt on your past."

          I shake my head and tsk tsk at him...

          "I guess you're in trouble Michael, and it's time that you're shown your place.  I'm tired of your arrogant attitude and cockiness."

          My face turns red.   "Okay...Kathy...So...What do you want me to do?  I believe that you have what you say you have, otherwise you wouldn't be in here."   I look at the stack of evidence in front of you.  "I could go to jail for some of that stuff you know?  I've been nothing but good to you since you've started here!  I can help get you a job permanently here!  Or at the Gazette across the street.  I know the manager there as well!"  "What do you want?  I can't afford to lose my job Kath!"

          I laugh at his pathetic look and all the pleading that he's doing.  I'm eating it up, because late at night I've been imagining exactly just this type of begging from him.  "Well well well...  I'm sure we can work things out Michael.  Depending on what you can do for me..." as I crossed my leg and I watched his eyes stare at my skirt riding up my thigh.  "I've been working way too hard and I'm so lonely, but Michael I do have very particular tastes and I'm not sure if you can accommodate that."

        "What tastes?"   I catch myself looking at your legs and the sexy stiletto pumps that you wear every day.  "I really need this job.  Losing this job would mean that I have to leave this island!  How much money do you want?"  I reach for my wallet.  "We can settle this here!"  I speak with enthusiasm.   "Just tell me what you want!"

        "Calm down Michael.  And lower your voice.  I will NOT be spoken to in that tone.  For your information, I don't like rules or orders.  In fact, not just any man will do....  You see, I require a special type of person."  I reach in my purse and pull out a collar and leash.  Michael's eyes widened and he pushed his chair back away from me.  I smile with glee.  "I want someone who's my slave Michael.  Are you the type that's willing to bend to another's will?  Bend to my will and to be my slave?  Think about it carefully before you answer.  There's a lot at stake here after all."

         "Katherine.  Please.  I can't lose my job over something like this.  I could even go to jail!"  I look at the collar and leash.  "What is this some strange sexual fantasy of yours?"  "Look, I'll do anything you want.  Anything at all.  But I need to keep this job.  I make five times as much money here as I would anywhere else.  I'd lose my home if I lost this job!"  "Just tell me what you want me to do!"  I repeat myself, still staring at the collar in disbelief.

         "Well Michael, I'm willing to give you a chance.  I don't quite know if you're the type of person I'm looking for...  And it's not just a sexual fantasy.  It's a lifestyle choice and I really do need a man who will bend over for me and do anything I want and ask for.  Anything I order him to without question.  I've been having a feeling that this outer appearance of dominance you exude is all just for show.  I think you're a submissive at heart.  Tell me Michael, have you ever fantasized about submitting to a woman?"

          "What do you mean, submitting to a woman?"   I look towards the collar.  "Look, I'll play this game if you want.  I just need you to not get me fired!"   I take the hint and lower myself to my hands and knees.   I crawl towards you.   "Please Katherine.  You know I have a huge crush on you!  I can't get my eyes off of you!  I'm not quite sure if I understand what you want from me, but I will do what I can.  Just please don't tell!"  I continue looking down at your feet.  "And yes...I have fantasized about being submissive to you..."

           My grin was huge.  "Oh Michael, I knew it.  You'd make a perfect slave and pet for me.  And seeing you on your hands and knees, that's just exactly what I want."  He crawls towards me and stops just near my knees, bowing at my feet.  "Well, Michael why don't you drop those pants and show me what my pet hides.  But before you do, let's make sure this collar fits your neck."

           "What do you want me to do?"  I keep staring at your feet.  What if someone catches us doing this Kath?"   I relax while you tighten the collar around my neck.  I slowly side off my pants and underwear, revealing a cock that really wasn't all that impressive.

             "Don't worry Michael, this room is sound proof and very private.  And most of the crew is out in the field today."  I tap a finger on my lip, "Hmmm...first, let's put this chastity device on you.  Then you'll be under my power and control from this day forward, with no escape."  I smiled again...  "And since, I can see that you're not very impressive, let's do a test run and see if you can even please me."  I parted my legs and watched as you scooted closer.

             "With your mouth Michael...I mean NOW, what are you waiting for?  We have to get back to work eventually."

             I sense the hesitation.  "NOW, damnit Michael.  Don't make me repeat myself."

             "Chastity?  What the heck is that?"  I asked curiously, having never heard of the idea.  I move forward and press my nose into her crotch.  I start by kissing her thighs.  I use my hands to squeeze her thighs and slide them up her body.  "You smell really good Kathy!"  I compliment before I start licking.  After a few minutes, I calm down and become much more confident and less panicky.  I can focus my attention on eating Katherine's pussy.   "I LOVE the way you taste Kathy!  Am I doing it good?  Do you like this?"

            "Oh yes Michael, that's it.  Right there..."  I leaned back into the leather chair and prepared to enjoy his attentions to my core.  "Chastity is that device I have that once I put it on you, you can't have sex or masturbate without my permission."  I pulled on his hair, trying to get him closer, curling the leash in my hand, putting my legs on his shoulder and the back of my heels scraping against his back.  "Oh wow Michael...  feels so good."

            I continue eating you out.  I wince when you dig your heels into my back.  After a few minutes, I stop kissing and licking your pussy.  I replace my small tongue with two large fingers, moving them in and out of you.  My mouth moves to your thighs, biting moderately.   "I'm glad you like it Kath..."   I continue eating you out, pulling away when you pull my hair too hard.

             Ohh Michael.  I'm glad you're good at something."  I moan and tilt my head back.  "You'll be very useful to me."

             With one hand I reach down to my small cock and began to fondle it.  I continue licking and biting your thighs, and using my other hand to finger you.

              "But Michael, I need more than someone who can eat pussy... " I continued to whisper hoarsely, "I need..." my legs spasmed, "I need someone who's my bitch and that I can slap around."  I dug my fingernails into his shoulder.  "Someone to call me Mistress."

               "And do NOT fondle your cock, you don't get to touch it without my permission starting from today.  Is that clear?"

               “Mmmphhh!"   I groan as you dig into my shoulders* "Why so hard!"  *I look up to you, my shoulder red and tender.   "Fine, I won't touch it....Mistrses..."   I mumble, returning to kissing your pussy again.  "I'll do what you want!"

               I look up to you.   "Will you put the chastity belt on?"

               "Oh gosh, I'm so close..."  My eyes closed.  "Finish it Michael...faster." 

               Again I fondle my cock, almost as if I can't help it.   "Cum for me Mistress"   I urge, sucking softly.

               "I need to cum too Kathy!"  I mumble, still sucking your lips.

               I tremble, legs twitching slightly, locking around your neck...  After a minute or two, my eyes open and I see your hand on your cock.  "Damnit Michael, I told you that you can't touch it.  Guess it's time for the chastity belt."  I pulled that out of my purse and said sternly, "Stand the fuck up, right now."

              I fasten it on, and smile that wicked grin of mine.  "From now on, unless I let you out, you won't be able to masturbate or have sex.  You're mine, Michael.  Live with it."

              "And I want you to write your address down for me, because we're going to have a lot more private time together."

              "And meet me at the parking lot after work today; we'll begin your training once you follow me home."

              "From today on, in private, you are to address me as Mistress, is that clear?"

              But Katherine!"  I whine, standing up.  "This isn't fair.  How do you expect me to eat you out and do all of those terribly sexy things to you and not get off!"   I look at your feet when I speak to you without being told too, almost naturally.  I take a pen and write my address down on the back of a business card.

             Yes Mistress...."  I reply...Looking up at you.   “I'll meet you outside as soon as I'm done with work.”

             "That's your problem Michael.  You'll just have to live with it.  And maybe if you're good and if you please me, I might let you out of the chastity belt but not anytime soon.  Got that?"

            I straightened my skirt and wiped the juices off my thigh, and adjusted my panty.  "I have to go back to work and I suggest you go rinse your mouth in the restroom and straighten yourself out."

           "Yes Mistress..."   I reply, out of breath.   I watch you leave the room.  I lay on the floor for a good ten minutes before cleaning myself up.  I go the rest of my day in constant discomfort as my tiny cock grows and presses itself against the even smaller and tighter chastity cage.  I even slip into the bathroom several times to attempt to get out of the device.  As five o’clock rolls around, I look out of my office window and see you waiting by your car.  I walk out to you.  "Mistress."   I whisper as not to arouse suspicion.  "I don't have my own car..."

          "Well then, follow me.  Get inside bitch, let's go."

          I open the passenger door and take a seat...somewhat afraid to look over at you.

         The rest of the ride to my house was in silence, with Michael pondering what his life would be like from now on.  He was fidgeting with the seatbelt and nervous but I could also feel his growing excitement.  I loved the fact that I now have him firmly in my control and plan to deepen it and further his training so that he knows his role and knows it well.



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