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                Greasing the candle up nicely and I took my fingers out and started pushing this in instead.  Nice and slow, and go gently I thought.  I didn’t want to scare him away.   Although my heart was racing and I was bursting with excitement, and wanted to ram it up his ass.  He said he’s not submissive, but I bet he has submissive tendencies.  Most guys do, it’s just a matter of if you play it right.  Vanilla guys (that's what we call guys that aren't into bdsm) don’t want to be seen as a sissy or unmanly so if you don’t point it out to them, you can get them to do almost anything. 

                He grimaced in pain.  The candle is a bit wider than my two fingers and I pushed it in deeper, fucking him with it.  I started stroking his dick again, and squeezing the tip I could feel the precum on my fingers. 

“See, it’s not so bad.  Just think about my hot wet pussy and how you’re turning me on.  I wish you could feel how wet I am.  Dripping wet for you.”

“Err…ummm….”  He grunted and groaned again, pushing back on the candle and spread his legs wider. 

“Baby, just think about me riding you tonight, long and hard.  Me bouncing up and down as you lay there staring at my breasts, with your hands tied to the bed.”   Actually I was thinking about other things.  I was thinking about how hot your ass is, how tight and firm.  All those hours at the gym, you make me want to fuck that ass with my big bad strapon.

After a few more minutes he shot his load against the shower walls.  He was drained and exhausted.  We quickly finished up the shower and toweled dry and went to lounge on the sofa. 

With my feet on his lap, I looked over at him, he was deep in thought. 

“So you’re going to let me tie you up and fuck you with my strapon?”  I tried for a somewhat innocent tone but failing as my glee and excitement surely shone through. 

He looked at me intently.  “I don’t know.  I’m not gay and I don’t really like ass play.”

“But you liked it well enough.  And it didn’t kill you right?”  I countered.

“It was alright.  I guess I can try it, maybe once or twice.  But you can’t tell anyone.”  He stared at me, “If anyone finds out…”

“Ok, ok, I promise.  Who am I going to tell?  No one.”  I smiled at him and kissed him, happy that he’d finally given in.  My awesome boyfriend and that’s the story of how he became my bend over boyfriend in secret. 

He wasn’t a submissive nor was he into bdsm but he really tried to indulge me.  For the short time that we were together and for the memories that we shared, I am thankful.  Also, for blueberry waffles in bed and buttered toast, and for doing crossword puzzles and word finds in bed with me listening to the rain, for the adventure of riding on the back of his motorcycle, for snuggling and for his stupid jokes, for everything I am thankful. 



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