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Bend Over Boyfriend


                This is a story of my bend over boyfriend, and how he became a bend over boyfriend. 

                It was right after another marathon sex session, and we’d gotten in the shower to wash off.  After I scrubbed some soap on his back, I had an idea.  Having bounced the idea on him before and receiving mostly a negative feedback, I decided I’d try a different tactic.  It was brilliant, even if I do say so myself.

                “Put your hands against the shower walls and spread your legs.”  I said it in my toughest, you must obey voice.   Surprisingly, he complied.

                I continued rubbing slippery soap on his back, sliding my hands lower onto his ass cheeks, and lathering soap in between his cheeks and dipping lower to rub some on his balls.  After fondling and squeezing both cheeks, my fingers once again played in his crack, gliding up and down before rubbing little circles on his rose bud.

                “What are you doing?  I don’t want anything up my ass.”  His voice was nervous, yet he stayed still in that position.  I could almost smell victory.  Maybe the sex earlier had scrambled some of his brain cells, and he wouldn’t be thinking about it too much. 

                “Baby, I’m just cleaning you up.  You don’t want to be all sweaty, dirty, and nasty right?”  He said nothing.  Score!  Getting my index finger all soapy and slippery, I started pushing it in slowly and gently so he doesn’t come up with objections.  I was in to my knuckle before he spoke up again.

                “I think I’m clean enough.  Let’s finish up the shower.”  He was starting to pull away.  No, not yet.  I wasn’t done with him yet.  And I was the one in charge here, damnit.  Pig headed men.

                “Actually, you’re still very dirty.  You smelly thing!”  I teased.

                “Huh?  What do you mean?”  That threw him off, freezing him in place again and letting me quickly push that finger back in, lodging it deep and I quickly added a second finger.  “Hey stop that.  That hurts.”  Weak protests are best ignored. 

                “What I mean, big guy, is that if you want a girl to lick your ass sometime, you better make sure it’s damn squeaky clean.  I bet you don’t take the time and care to wash it like I am doing.”   Lie, lie, lie.  I would NEVER lick him there, but he doesn’t need to know that. 

                “Well, ummm.”  He grunted as I twisted those fingers in his ass and started sliding them in and out, making sure to rub against the walls in his ass, trying to feel for that spot that would set him off.  That slut, I think he’s starting to like it.  I felt his dick with my other hand, he was rock hard, and a few strokes had him groaning and leaning back.  Pudding in my hands.  I knew it!

                “Take a step back, put your head against the wall, and bend over.”  He did exactly as told.  I stopped stroking his dick to reach my hand outside the shower curtain for the long slender white candle I’d left on the shelf.  Always plan ahead, because you never know. 


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