BDSM Stories


The following are BDSM short stories I've written in the femdom category.  It is so wickedly delicious to have male submissives and male slaves, especially the wonderful rush and power trip that comes along with it, not to mention other fringe benefits like being pleased, pleasured, and served beyond your wildest dreams.  There's nothing better than being waited on like a modern day Princess or Goddess.  Enjoy!

Disclaimer:  These are all just stories, so if it offends you, then don't read it.  I have to add a disclaimer that if you're not over 18 and if you will be offended by sex stories and especially kinky sex stories, then please don't read these.



My Little Sex Toy

Submissive of My Heart

Queening A Submissive

Kinky Outdoor Fun

Spanking My Male Submissive

Warm Honey

My Submissive Boyfriend

Bound and Gagged

Male Submissive Painslut

Another Useless Male Submissive

Serious Mistress

Bend Over Boyfriend

Elusive Male Submissive

Nameless Sub

Dominant Couple with Slave

Holiday Seduction

Collared and Leashed

Submissive Houseboy

Silver for My Submissive

Masked Slave

Human Slave Pillow

My slave in Uniform

Heartache Over A Male Submissive

A Good Memory of Submissive Ass

Slave Guide for Submissive Men

The sub song lyrics



 D/s Fiction

Slave Auction

Blackmailing a Coworker

Come In Stranger


 Your Mistress Kat


Cruelty tempered with kindness

The aching softness of my heart

Waits for you, melts with each Mistress Kat

That you utter, totally mesmerized you are

My slave, my property and proud to be


While others wander and flounder

I have found my place, my role as your Queen

Neither black nor white, I am grey

The stillness before dawn and light

I will hurt you but I will heal you

With my love and all that I am to you


My feet on your cheeks you shall worship

Obey me you must, for that is the price

Or the sound of soft leather on your flesh

Regardless of the task, you happily perform it

With every fiber of your being to my satisfaction

‘Cause you are my prize, your honor demands it


Now I know this may scare you, this depth

Of devotion and dedication I require

But continue on, my weary slave

And reach the pinnacle of servitude

Be mine, owned and collared by me

The journey of spiked heels and tears begins

Alongside mounds of joy and pleasure that awaits you


Are you strong enough and worthy enough?

Come to me boy…and discover infinite passion

And all that you’ve been missing inside, by my side



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