Another Useless Male Submissive


    Another evening spent with a useless sub, who said he was different.  I’ve heard that enough times for it to be a joke.  I can’t focus or think.  He’s not worth thinking about so it doesn’t matter.  The idiot is already reduced to giving me suggestions to tack on to his punishment of being late.  How dare him?! 

                I can’t wait till the monthly bdsm community play party to make an example out of him.  He will be exposed in front of all those who attend, beaten to my satisfaction and tortured mercilessly.  His arms are tied up and chained to the hook in the ceiling, naked with his legs in a spreader bar.  I will shove that butt plug up his ass, flog his ass cheeks and thighs until they turn red, twist and pinch his nipples until he cries out.  Then I’ll come around the front, and slap his face and say to him, “What a sorry pathetic excuse you are for a slave.  You said you wanted to be different, better than those selfish dime a dozen subs/slaves.  But it turns out in the end you DO only care about your own kinks and fetishes.” 

                Slaps him on the face again.  “You know, I’d be disappointed if I care but I don’t.  As one sub told me in the past, he wants to strive to be on my ‘fond of’ list because then I would care and have consideration for his balls.  As for you, you’ll find out in a few moments that you’d have preferred that too.”  And then I’d kick him hard in the groin wearing my high heeled boots and watch him cry out in pain.  “You like punishment huh?  Guess you can take another one of those.” I just laugh evilly because watching him suffer does feel good.  He starts begging and shaking his head, with his legs slightly bent in pain.

                He cries out, “No Mistress, please no more.  I beg of you.  I’ll do whatever you want to prove it to you.”  Lies, they all lie.  If it was all about me, you’d think I would be happy with them. 

                “You’re fucking pathetic and useless.  You’re all talk, you know that?” I tilt his head to look at my face and dig my nails into his man tits.  “Look at me, look into my face and look in my eyes.  This is what I look like when I don’t give a shit about you.  I guess you can forget about that post play cuddle.”  Then I go in the back and press my heel into his butt cheek and twist my foot a bit.  Then I grab my riding crop and start beating his legs until you can see little pink lines.  He’s crying and begging me to have mercy, wailing like a little baby.  As if I’d care, a miscalculation on his part.  He wants the Domme, and he’s neglected to see more than that.   Stupid idiot.  Sure, I’d release him and wonder if he would come back for more punishment and to try harder to please me and to make me happy but in the end it doesn’t matter.  He doesn’t matter.

                The only thing I can say is “next.”  Sure, I may be cold, wicked, evil, or a bitch but I am waiting anxiously for the day when I’m not completely that.  I’m waiting for the one that can see more in me than that, and who will cause me to hesitate and reconsider when it comes to his balls.  Sure, I’ll tame him but in the end I wonder if he’s the one that will save me from myself.




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