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             Welcome to the Romance Corner of free ebook online, where you'll find romance short stories, erotic stories, love poems, and love letters.  I hope you enjoy this website as much as I enjoy putting it together and writing all these stories. 

             Please BOOKMARK or add this website to your favorites so that you can come back and finish a story if you're not done reading.  I know that I personally hate it when I forget the url of a website or can't find a website that I was at before.



I know that this romance corner website used to be more PG and didn't have all the sex stories, but I guess it's taken a raunchy/kinky turn. Some people will like it and some people won't, but this website is more like my virtual playground and I have to say that if you don't like the kinky stuff then you should skip them.  I have some new stories that I will post soon, they are back to fiction romance and more PG. Feedback is always nice, so whether you want more kinky stories or more PG stories, shoot me an email and let me know.  Thanks!

             Below is a poem I wrote for a friend who got married at Ala Moana beach a couple of years ago, they flew down from California to have their wedding on the beach and I gave them this poem.  They really liked it, and I decided to put it up to share with you.

Special Day

 By KL

A chance meeting has led us together

Floundering in our own world before we met

Before you came along I had it all, but it is nothing

Without you by my side, no one knows me better

As constant as the sun rises and sets is my love for you

Joined hand in hand, we are of one heart and mind

As we stand, staring across the horizon

Dreaming of the future that's to come

Bond by our love and to each other

And on this day we make

A vow before God, and to each other

Of forever, an eternal love



Thank you so much to the people that have taken the time to write me.  Sometimes I don't really read my email because I get so busy but when I do catch up on them, they're awesome!  So I appreciate your kinds words.  :-)   Below are some of the things people have written to me to say.  Yikes, looks like I really have to finish "A Quick Fling."  I'll work on it when I have time.

"I found your site and was really  enjoying the stories. I love a good romance story."  Cyndi Byars (4/8/09)

"Hello there!  I really had fun reading the story "quick fling but the thing is the "next" icon wont work after the 25th page. Is is just a technical glitch or the story is still unfinished? I'd really like to read its ending. Thank you so much."  Gabrielle Silver (10/4/08)

"When are you going to finish the stores I have just started reading on romance!"  Joanne Mann (9/21/08)

"I am a great fan of romance stories and comes across the website of your online stories.  Hope you will post the remaining stories soonest possible."  Jane (6/4/08)

"I would like to thank for your beautiful stories. Really wonderful. Your soul must be very nice and you are maybe sensitive or you like the same things as me."   Katka, Czech republic,32 years  (2/26/08)

"I love reading your stories. Is "A Quick Fling" finished or does it have a broken link? I cant get past page 25. The options are there but the link is broken and it doesnt give me the option to go to another page. Thanks and keep writing."  Cheryl Matthews (8/22/07)

"Hey. Is the story 'A Quick Fling' finished, or ar you still updating it? Theres no way you can end it there!! If your still doing it, when will the next bit
be posted?"  Sandra Webber (8/17/07)



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